Up Close and Personal: Jembhoy on Keyboards

Jembhoy is 23 years of age, he is the Keyboardist of Kuerdas Gensan for more than 2 years now. He started playing his piano keyboard when he was only 11 years old.

Jembhoy on Keyboards for Kuerdas
Jembhoy on Keyboards for Kuerdas

Before playing for Kuerdas, he used to be a member of another reggae band in Gensan, Jahmingero Band. His musical influences were Elvis Presley songs then later fell in love with Bob Marley’s music when he joined reggae bands 3 years ago.

Jembhoy is so young and full of life; he shared that to be a member of Kuerdas is a dream come true for him because Kuerdas was his influence when he was still playing with his previous band.

As an official Kuerdas musician, he confided that he has improved a lot especially in the way he handles himself on stage. He has developed strong professionalism and etiquette. Indeed, Kuerdas has helped him not only to become a better musician but as a better person, too.

Jembhoy has always kept his mind open in dealing with various personalities in the band; he finds sheer pleasure in seeing Kuerdas grow in number and rehearsing new songs that they haven’t played before. New faces meant new friends; new addition to the family that is Kuerdas.

He awkwardly shared that he still gets nervous and anxious when playing for big events. To help boost his confidence, he makes sure that he is well prepared before rehearsals.

In every Kuerdas gig, he feels motivated and sees it as an opportunity and a stepping stone in achieving their goals- and that is for the Kuerdas original music to be heard and recognized by ordinary Pinoys. That is Jembhoy’s greatest goal as a Kuerdas musician. He gladly shared that all members of Kuerdas are on the same page and headed to only one direction.

He is seeing himself in the next 5 years as a better musician but grounded. He loves taking his time in playing or practicing his piano keyboard. As an entertainer or a musician, he wants to be more successful in his chosen career, aiming to share his talent or let people hear his passion.

Jembhoy is very happy to share that he got the full support of his lovely wife. They have 3 beautiful kids- the eldest is 6 years old and the youngest is only 2 months old. Performing for Kuerdas is his bread and butter.

He has the following parting messages:

“To my bandmates, guys I know how hard na atong mga na-agian; I do hope lang na strong and solid gihapon ta. Much respect to all.

To all reggae bands, Padayon ta sa atong eksena, kumbaga one love, one heart. Music makes us unite as one. Jah bless to all!”

Photo Credit: Imahenacion