Kuerdas Gigs

Watch out for Kuerdas on the following skeds and venues:

REGULAR GIGS (Acoustic-Reggae)

Wednesdays Westwood Bar So. OsmeƱa, GSC
Thursdays Sixblings @ Bigshot Nat’l. Highway,GSC
Badminton Court
Fridays Tropics Grill Quirino Avenue, GSC


April 19, 2008 Bikini Open 2008 Dolores Tropicana Resort
April 24, 2008 BFAR Event Watergran Resort
May 3, 2008 Lagao Street Party Barangay Lagao
May 10, 2008 Opening of San Mig Bar Sixblings Big Shot

We will post the latest updates about the band and our gigs.

We hope to see all of you, Generals!

Come party with us. It’s summer time, it’s reggae time!

Kuerdas Is Here!

Hello everyone! We are happy to have come up with this site. We had been wanting to do this but couldn’t find the time. We are still learning our way through blogging and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us.

Well, as novice and practically babies in this aspect, we hope you could bear with us. We promise to update this site more often and we hope we can establish a real good camaraderie and rapport among and between our co-bloggers.

Till then!

On Blogging Hiatus

We are very sorry for having not updated this blog for quite sometime. We just arrived from our out-of-town show at Agusan Del Sur. The regular gigs and out-of-town shows really took its toll on us, sapping us of all our strength and energy. As much as we want to, we couldn’t update this blog on a regular basis. We couldn’t also use the bloody computer anytime we want because our only sister, the owner of Lainy’s Musings and Our Journey To Forever sits infront of the PC 24/7, LOL! We are thinking of making her as one of the administrators of this blog. But we will be thinking about that in the near future. For now, please bear with us…

Kobe Bryant is the New MVP!

Kobe Bryant had his first-ever MVP Award on May 8 at the Staples Center. With 18, 997 spectators inside the arena, Bryant was at a loss for words. He was very happy upon receiving from NBA Commissioner David Stern his trophy. It was awarded to him before the Los Angeles Lakers faced off with Utah Jazz which eventually won by the Lakers, 120-110 taking 2-0 lead in the NBA Western Conference Semifinals. Bryant once again proved that he is truly deserving of the MVP trophy.

Too Busy!

We were busybodies for the entire full week last week. Out-of-town shows prevented us from posting what’s new. And besides, even if we weren’t, we still couldn’t post updates because we don’t have internet connection for 4-days.

Regular gigs sapped us of our strength and energy. We were able to get out-of-town bookings in neighboring municipalities here in SocSarGen. I hope this coming week, we will have more time to post some updates.

Have a wonderful weekend to all of us!

13 Not-So-Lucky Celebrities

Here is a list of the 13 unluckiest celebrities. The listing was gauged with the way these stars weren’t as lucky in terms of relationships, floffed plastic surgeries, wrong career moves, etc. Your favorite stars might just be incuded in the list.
1. Tara Reid

2. Jennifer Aniston

3. Jessica Simpson

4. Star

5. Alanis Morissette

6. David Beckham

7. Britney Spears

8. Kristin Cavallari

9. Jordin Sparks

10. Brook Hogan

11. Lindsay Lohan

12. Ian Ziering

13. Denise Richards