Famous Celebrities Dealing with Hair Loss

Thinning hair is an issue faced by many women, of all walks of life. Reassuringly, even celebrities have to deal with hair loss and can provide us with inspiration for hairstyles that help to disguise hair loss.

It is estimated that more than 75 per cent of women in some parts of the world will face hair loss, shedding or thinning at some time in their lives. Thinning hair can be caused by a number of factors, particularly the hormonal changes that occur as we age. The magnitude of hair loss can range from a minimal decline in volume to far more extreme hair loss. Experts in haircare and hair loss, such as Transitions Hair, are a wonderful place to turn for advice.

No matter what type of hair you have, it’s important to make the most of the hair that you have, just as these celebrities do.

Helen Mirren

It is suspected that Dame Helen Mirren’s hair has thinned out over the years, but this incredible actress and woman never fails to look stylish and beautifully groomed. Helen Mirren almost invariably features waves in her hair, and waves offer a quick and quite easy way to add volume. To do this, use wide barrel tongs or large-sized rollers to create big curls, rather than small tight ones.

Jennifer Saunders

Best known for her role in Ab Fab, Jennifer Saunders has undergone chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and, like many women, her hair appears to be finer as it returns. This comedy legend shows that even when hair is growing back following such invasive treatment, a great haircut makes all the difference. Saunders has sported an on-trend choppy bob to perfection, and shows that this is a cut that is not only simple to maintain but makes appear thicker and more voluminous.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock (photo grabbed from Google)
Sandra Bullock (photo grabbed from Google)

Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock has hair which is naturally thin. However, to look at Bullock’s hair, you would be unlikely to think so. The actress adds volume and impact to her locks with cleverly crafted curls. Sometimes these curls are lightly tousled, and at other times they are much tighter corkscrew-styled twists. At the Oscars in 2014, Sandra Bullock drew much admiration and attention for the dramatic cascade of curls that fell across one of her shoulders.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz also has naturally fine hair, but many of the hairstyles that she is most synonymous with disguise her thin hair perfectly. Diaz even achieves the effect of ‘big hair’ with a laid back, half-up half-down style that is gorgeous and prevents her hair from looking flat. The stunning actress is also a pro at incorporating stray wisps and flyaways with her hairstyle to have them be part of the overall look.

Sally Field

Timeless actress Sally Field certainly does not have the thickest head of hair in Hollywood. However, the stylish celebrity manages to pull off styles that make her hair appear thicker, such as a modern beehive. This ever-glamorous style is contemporary and flattering and the beehive style increases the height and volume of very fine hair – which can sometimes appear flat.

It is really helpful to look to celebrities for inspiration of how to style hair which is thinning or falling out. Even some of the world’s most adored, respected, talented and stylish celebrities contend with hair loss and often show us styles that create an impression of fuller, thicker hair.

Nowhere in Sight

There was one time that I overheard my brothers discussing over a replacement drum heads. They own a set of drums alright but it is not used for their regular gigs. It is mainly functional during rehearsals.

I am not too sure where it has been placed at the moment because when I left the Philippines last year, it was nowhere in sight. It should be at a friend’s house or ay my brother’s rented place.

The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas in the Philippines is special. As we do not celebrate it the on the 25th of December per se, I was told that it is like no other. My friends living overseas can attest to that. They have now began decorating their respective houses with Christmas trees and some got a christopher radko at christmasplace.com.

For us, the spirit of Christmas must be a daily occurrence- giving and loving; and must not be only exemplified on the 25th day of December.

Ready for the Challenge

I find diptyque candle appealing. I am not into scented candles and things like that but I am looking into exploring my options and that sort of candle caught my fancy.

Our weekends recently are filled with window shopping (LOL) for some home essentials and little baby stuff. It’s gonna be a long haul for us but we are ready to take on any challenge headstrong for our little family.


I am a proud sister who felt the need to publish this blogpost in honor of the Director of the film entitled Karangalan which was an official entry to the Iglesia ni Cristo’s Excellence in Visual Media Centennial Edition. They were lucky and blessed enough to have been chosen in the top 20 amongst the 120 entries across the globe.

The Film Director is none other than my younger brother who is also the Kuerdas Band Major.

Unknown to many, he had been exposed to the world of arts and theatre when he was in high school and had even performed to different places across the country. His exposures were such a feat.

Film making on the other hand is a varied and alien field for a budding director like him. He related to me that he had to do a lot of research for the project to materialize.

On October 31 was the Awards Night which was held at the Philippine Arena. Karangalan bagged two major awards namely: Best in Production Design and Best in Costume Design respectively.

They were nominees for the following awards:

Best in Promoting Christian Values
Best in Cinematography
Best in Script
Best in Editing
Best Director

My brother came up the stage to accept the award for the Best In Costume Design. It was clear that he was overwhelmed before the humongous crowd (50,000?) and was close to being speechless. I was told he went to the Philippine Arena without any expectations in his heart at all, thus the unprepared speech. Hahaha! He pulled it through nicely nonetheless.

Obviously overwhelmed before a jam-packed crowd at the Philippine Arena
Obviously overwhelmed before a jam-packed crowd at the Philippine Arena


For a beginner, it is quite a feat to make it to Top 3! I suppose next year will be an even better year.

Kudos to the Church Administration for coming up with this endeavour.

I vividly recalled in one of my chats with my brother that he considers it his way of sharing his God-given gifts to the Church in the realms of arts, music, and theatre. Indeed, his effort and personal sacrifices paid off.

Congratulations Cotabato South and the entire cast of Karangalan! We are proud of you! Praises and glory be unto God!

Little Musician

The Kuerdas Band major’s son who is my nephew is so into guitar. We have watched him playing a toy guitar and I could only gape in amazement on how he cleverly mimics his dad. LOL!

I could only wonder if one day he would be able to play kurt cobain fender just like the famous musicians around. He certainly showed some potentials. He is indeed such a cutie!

Kuerdas Band as a Group

Undoubtedly, the Kuerdas website is the haven for anything about Kuerdas Band and of course, anything about music, gadgets, shows, gigs and yeah, compressor 4.

For a musically inclined group of young musicians, their passion for their own genre grows when they know more about each other. Deeper understanding of and from each others’ experiences is what makes Kuerdas Band vary from any other musical groups. Believing in their own talents and gifts and helping others to grow in their own kind of music is what makes Kuerdas Band to stick together not only as a musical group but as friends and they do treat each other like their own family.

Back in Action!

After their two month gig in the world renowned tourist destination Boracay Island, Kuerdas Band had been back in circulation at their own turf- SOCSARGEN. A couple of shows every now and then, here and there, had kept them going.

This blog might not be updated but I am looking to throw in some pictures of Kuerdas Band and what keeps them going in my next publications and try to make it up.

I wish I have the luxury of time to keep this blog going. However, I will try my best to do so as long as my time permits.

Till then!

10 Simple Steps for Getting Your Retail Business Started

So you’ve decided to follow your dream of starting your own retail business. Congratulations! Now that you’ve had the fun, inspiring vision, the hard work begins. We’ve tried to help make that hard work a little less hard, by giving you some starting-out tips for getting your business off the ground. For more advice, an experienced shopfitter such as Tu Projects can walk you through some common pitfalls and mistakes – Click Here
to see the range of retail businesses they’ve worked with in the past.


Find your niche

Humans aren’t robots. We don’t want or expect things in our world to be the same. For this reason, not many people will be interested in your business if it doesn’t offer something unique. Before you do anything, figure out what your business has that sets it apart from your competitors.

Set your goals

Know where you want to be tomorrow, next month, and next year, and then set yourself a path you can follow to get there. The path may change, and that’s ok, but it will keep you focussed on your goals.

Make sure you can crawl before you try to pole-vault

It’s important to dream big, but for every big idea, write a list of every possible thing that would need to happen to achieve this. This list is your crawling list. When you consider that you achieve every action on that list and then some, you may need to consider minimising your big dream for the time being. Don’t worry – this isn’t giving up or failure. It’s being realistic and making sensible compromises.

Find your image

The last thing you want is for people to be confusing your business with another. Make sure your image is unique and recognisable.

Get a digital presence

It doesn’t matter what your business is, where it operates, or why you started it – every business these days needs a digital presence. If your business doesn’t exist online, it may as well not exist. You can design your own website easily and social media is more or less free. Get active online and see who you can reach.

Maintain your digital presence

Just because you created a digital presence for your business doesn’t mean you can tick it off your to-do list. Your digital information must be up-to-date and you must respond promptly to digital interactions. Publishing images of your business is incredibly useful.

Choose your staff carefully

Your business is only as good as its weakest staff member. Don’t hire out of desperation or laziness. Take pride in your employees and they will be proud to be there. This goes for all contributors to your business, from your staff to your accountant to your stockist.

Plan for failure

It’s not all about positive thinking in business. You would much rather be pleasantly surprised by success than shocked and shaken by failure. If you plan for failure, you give yourself the tools to avert it. If you plan only for success, you won’t know how to deal with the hiccups along the way.


Research the businesses that you find inspiring and those you don’t, and understand what it is that makes you feel that way. Then see what you can apply to your own business.

Don’t neglect your customers

If your customers aren’t catered for, you won’t have a business. It is that simple. Ensure you aren’t so wrapped up in promoting your business that you overlook the customers who are there to support you.

What other great tips do you have for starting your own retail business?