Lyka, Kuerdas Female Lead Vocals- Part I

It was such a pleasure speaking to one of the newest sensation of Kuerdas, Jesselli “Lyka” Balasabas on Lead Vocals.

This is only Part I of the interview. Please take time to read through and know her better.

Q: Hello, how much time can you spare for me?
A: Ikaw na po bahala, basta tanang questions tubagon nako 🙂 I am born to be ready always.
Q: Great! I am excited. Just be yourself lang, ok? Ayaw kaulaw sa akoa. And only share things that you feel comfortable to share for public consumption; take time to reply. No pressure 😊 This is not a test so feel free to express; there is no right or wrong answers. Please tell me something about yourself.

A: Jesselli Balasabas or known as “Kakang” is a hilarious one. Charaught! Haha! 😂 Kasi po ayaw kong nakasimangot, gusto ko happy lang palagi. 😁😊 Me knows how to deal with difficulties in life, kasi po naranasan ko na siguro lahat ng struggles. It started when my parents got separated for some confidential reasons. So ayun, we strive to finish our studies in High School. Naalala ko dati, nagbebenta kami ng pastel, mangga, papaya, popcorn, polvoron sa school namin. Mismong sa campus talaga, not only in our classroom. Hindi po kami nahihiya and besides we have a lot of friends na tinutulungan po kami. I am friendly 😊 Having circle of friends are the best.

Lyka, Kuerdas Female Lead Vocals
Lyka, Kuerdas Female Lead Vocals

Q: Friends are angels sent from the Heavens; they have invisible wings 😜 I saw your photos and videos, you have an identical twin, am I correct? Who is younger or older?
A: Opo, meron po akong kambal; she is younger than me; mas bully sya, hahaha! Sya yong kasama kong gumigising araw-araw, sabay naliligo, sabay umiiyak, kasabay kong humalakhak 😁😂 and life is totally amazing, fantastic, and blessed having a replica; it’s a blessing cos God has poured His best gift on us “singing.”

Naremember ko pa nga dati even in a small amateur kumakanta kami para magkapera kasi walang pambaon ang mga kapatid ko, and even us. Growing without a father figure made us realize that other children are so fortunate. Yes, kasi 4 years na namin hindi nakakasama ang Papa namin, but it’s not a hindrance to stop and just leave our dreams. Tapos na kami sa pagrerebelde— yes we tried but only alak at sigarilyo po and we are not afraid to share this because it has been a part of our journey why we’re here.

Q: I am wowed by your honesty and openness. Thanks for sharing these no-holds barred information. You must be a fun person to be with 😂 Isn’t it amazing that when God poured His gift of music to His chosen humankind, you and your twin were the lucky ones to have received this gift? How young are you, if you don’t mind?
A: Opo pag makasama mo ako di ka ma out- of- place 😁😊 I’m 19 years old, and it’s amazing having a life like this. Challenging kasi yong life ko, and I loved it (na- immune) hahaha!

Yes, it is. Kasi po aside from singing any genres of songs such as Pop, RNB, Classic, Ballad, County; we can dance, we can draw, we can act. Anything that you want as a friend, kakayanin. Kasi yan yung natutunan namin sa mentor namin dati na si Ate Shane: “We must be versatile” kasi humans are made to be flexible in all situations.

Q: At what age did you know you can “sing”?
A: We started singing at the age of 5. When I was 7 years old, it all started then. Apil ug Little Big star, Pinoy Dream Academy, Pinoy Big Brother, Tawag ng Tanghalan, marami pa yon, ang iba di ko na maalala. Hmm, mga national singing contest auditions nasalihan na namin kaso, eto kasing words na “its not our time yet.” We have to wait for God’s perfect timing for us and we are willing to wait 😊

Q: When did you start singing with talent fees?
A: I started singing with talent fees when I was 7; for me yong mga napapalanunan namin sa mga singing contests are still considered as our TF. Pero yong mga regular TF’s na talaga is 13 years old po.

Q: Adulting is real, right? You are so young but your experiences must have made you tougher- ang babangga giba!
A: What do you mean po by adulting? Medyo slow po ako 🙈
Q: I’m sorry, adulting means your experiences were generally for adults but you had to deal with those at such a young age.
A: I see. Opo, life is tough at my young age but still I rise. Never to give up, never to give in against all odds. 😊 As long as we live, there’s still hope knocking.
It was me and my twinny ever since the world began. Kasi for me, she’s my energy in joining contests.

We tried also “bote-bakal” and selling Taiwan shells na kinukuha pa namin sa fish pond with my twinny 😁😬 para may masaing lang.

By the way po, I am a scholar of our barangay. I availed that scholarship to help support myself; I have some allowance for my schooling. I am a Filipino- Canadian College student. Share po, wala lang. Na- remember ko lang.😊

Q: It’s OK to share. Your fighting spirit is commendable. I like that. So how do you deal with failures?
A: I deal with failures by praying. Sometimes I am in tears, but I even get more courageous. Kasi nag- promise ako kay Mama na bibigyan ko pa siya ng simple at magandang buhay/bahay. Of course, I must finish my studies.

Q: You are a strong girl! How many siblings do you have apart from your twin sister?
A: Anim po kaming magkakapatid. Our eldest Ate died when she’s only 2 months old. Tapos kuya ko, then kami dalawa ng kambal ko, tapos second to the last lalaki din, tapos babae po yung youngest sister namin.

Q: That’s quite a big family right there!
A: Our childhood is awesome! We swam on ponds and rivers. Kasi dati di talaga kami nakaka- swimming sa literal na swimming pool kasi kapos sa pera. Share lang po.

Excellent share! This is actually the main purpose of this interview- so Kuerdas followers will know the members individually as a person and what they are like off- stage. Please also note that I only have a couple of main questions. All the rest are based from your shares 😜
Please stay tuned for Part II which will deal mostly on Lyka’s journey with Kuerdas.