Even In Music, Murphy’s Law Applies

The Band boys ran into difficulties during their recent show at one of our best Hotels in town. While rendering one of their popular songs, their electronic organ broke down. It is an old one that my brother bought several years ago and it was its time to go.

This time around they are not keen on buying a used one and they intend to get a contemprary piano.

I know what it means to them and music is their livelihood. It is because of that I extended to help them in part towards the purchase of the item.

Not Going Back To School Yet

I have a friend who has been dreaming of getting her masters degree. She worked tirelessly before to help her brother out finish in college. Now that her brother got his degree, it’s about time for her to fulfill her dream. She actually did and I’m happy for her.

I feel like going back to school as well but that will have to be postponed right now. There are a lot of things going on with my life right now and going back to school will not be prioritize yet. I’ll might just equip myself with gre practice questions so that when the right time for school comes, I’ll be ready for the entrance exams.

Postponed Homecoming

I really want to come home to GenSan this year. The thing is, I still don’t know when I’ll be able to do that. My brother is planning to come over here in Manila to apply for abroad. His a Registered Nurse and he really would want to practice his profession abroad even if his wife is already working in UAE. And because of that, I will have to postpone my homecoming until further notice. LOL! I might just travel back home with my brother in case he’s done with his application. In that way, we’ll both will be able to save some money in time.

For now, I’ll check out some backpacks for sale. I don’t have travelling bags anymore. Backpacks are more convenient to bring for travel, anyway.

Wishful Thinking for Mom

Mother’s day is fast approaching. I am sure ProFlowers.com promo code will be once again sell like hot cakes.

As usual, my family will just dine out in that special occasion. Nothing fancy. It would have been a lot different had my father is still alive today.

Anyways, I don’t want my mother to feel somber on that day. We have never made her feel alone even after my father’s death. I could only hope one day she will find a man who can be her constant companion till she grow old.

Some wishful thinking, eh?

Kuerdas Band at Mahin Festival 2011

Kuerdas Band is going to hit the shore of Gumasa Beach Resort, Glan Sarangani Province. With no less than its reggae performances, Kuerdas will be again up to its feet.

It’s summer time, it’s reggae time!

In connection with the Mahin Festival, Kuerdas is enjoining everyone to come join the fun and dance to the beat of reggae music.

See you all !

Foresight for a Family Man

Now that the Kuerdas Band Major is going to tie the knot soon,we expect that he will be more responsible. Not only for himself but for his own family. One day he’s going to take care of his own social security disability . He needs to do them all at once as early as now. Since he is still productive, he doesn’t have to wait for the day when he can no longer do the tasks on his own. Having a great foresight is something that a family man ought to do.

Go! Go! Azkals!

Azkals popularity in the country is sky rocketing. As you all know, football or soccer has never been a popular sport. But with the Azkals aiming to be in the World Cup soon, I won’t wonder if the sport will become famous in no time. And the trend would be that the soccer socks will run out of supply too in the malls.

Well, I hope they will get to make it in the World Cup. This is a strong move for us to be involved in the sport. It is actually long been overdue.

Kuerdas Band Major Soon to Get Hitched!

This is an official announcement that Jay Son, the Kuerdas Band Major will soon tie the knot with his 2-year girlfriend. I wonder what made him decide to settle down, LOL!

Anyways, he has been stressed out for a couple of weeks now. Been running here and there. Now he realizes it’s not easy to prepare the wedding with very little time in his hands.

Yesterday, he was able to select a song for his prenuptial video. That song is performed by Plain White entitled Rhythm of Love. I must say it’s a great choice.

Here it is:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dktpycvIyA&w=480&h=390]

Kuerdas Band is No Supermen

I wonder where the Kuerdas Band got their zest and energy for hurdling a busy week with their gigs. I have to ask them of their best kept secret to share with me. Could it be some fore factor reviews that they have read online?

I really wonder how the busy routine have kept them on the go. They are no supermen to be able to keep up with their busy schedule but the established fact is that they were able to.

I can only hope I have the same level of energy too 😉