Kuerdas at the Tuna Festival Celebration!

On September 5, Saturday night, we had a blast watching Kuerdas perform at the SMB Party Zone. It was the culmination of the Tuna Festival Celebration. There were too many people we could hardly get in the venue. My mother even had an altercation with the person in charge at the gate entrance. I thought we could never make it inside. But when everyone’s heads cooled down, everything mellowed and we were given the tickets for the show.
When we were finally inside the Party Zone vicinity, everyone was on party mood. I even forgot the discomfort that I had to endure all night because of the agonizing toothache! Gosh! I had to set that appointment with the dentist very soon and perhaps ask for some dental discounts, hehehe!
Anyways, back to the Party Zone. The first band performer was already on stage when we got inside and the are was jampacked! The mood was even more festive because of the grand fireworks display! It was definitely a sight to behold! Kuerdas was set to perform after the rock band, Lazarus. Would you believe it? We stayed up until 3am! And to think that we had to be early for church. We hardly got any sleep at all!
Oh well!
I can’t let my mother watch the show unchaperoned. Being the stage mother that she is, she has me for a company- especially when Kuerdas has a show.
Well, we did enjoyed the night but I almost passed out at church the next day for feeling very dizzy. Can’t you learn, Lainy???
NOTE: Photos shall be uploaded soon….

Kuerdas Band Schedule of Gigs

With the upcoming Tuna Festival 2009 Celebration, Kuerdas Band has a number of gigs to which their performance level were expected to give the Generals on a hype, up to their feet and all set to dance to the beat of reggae music.
These are the schedule of gigs by the band:
August 28 Tropics Grill
August 29 Inasal De CebuTuna Congress @ Phela Grande Convention Center
August 30

1st National Skimboarding Competition
August 31

Private Booking by an American client
September 4 3rd Mindanao Regional Conference Fellowship Night 2009
September 5

SMB Party Zone, Oval Plaza
September 18-19 Grand Opening of Inasal De Cebu, Davao City