Aunt Rose’s Part Time Job

Aunt Rose has been doing a part time job as an insurance agent for years now. She’s been doing a great job since she have a lot of clients whom she was able to get signed up for an insurance plan. I am one of those that she have succeeded encourage to get a plan. She’s got convincing prowess that’s why she was able to get me to sign up. It’s always nice to be part of a life insurance lead nowadays. It’s better to invest on something like this rather than spend your money to things that’s not worth the spending. My mom have always told me to save something for my future. I think this is one of my best investments.

The Stage Mom

There were a lot of people who have been behind Kuerdas. They have been there from when the band started and are still there for them up until now. These people have been very supportive and are always part of Kuerdas even though we don’t see them onstage. One of these people is Aunt Rose. She’s actually best known as Mama Rose on Lainy’s blogs. We tease her as the “stage Mother”.

Even though she’s too tired from working the whole day, she will push herself into being present at Kuerdas’ gigs. That would mean she will be very sleepy at work the next day. Lol! That’s what she gets for sleeping very late at night.

Even if my aunt gets too stressed out, she remains beautiful at her age. I bet she uses wrinkle cream as part of her beauty regimen.

Check this photo out!

My Aunt and Lainy in the middle of the crowd on one of the band’s gig

How cool is that? Miss you Tita!