Remembering The Band During College Days…

When I was still in the band and most of us were still in college, it was very difficult to balance school and our passion for music. Our gigs were in the evenings most of the time and we still have to attend to our classes during the day. It was one heck of a journey back in school yet we survived! Well, most of us did! 😀

When I was in college, there were times that I fall asleep during our class discussions and often got reprimanded by my professors. My grades got affected because of my hectic schedule and I don’t get to focus on my studies because I get all hyped up for my gigs. Thanks to my classmates in college who actually helped me a lot in surviving school! I was able to graduate as a Mass Communications student.

And since I was deprived of sleep during that point in my life, I always bring along with me an under eye cream for dark circles to cover up my eye bags! LOL!

Whenever I think about those times, I can’t help but smile. There were lots of fond memories during college days!