I am a proud sister who felt the need to publish this blogpost in honor of the Director of the film entitled Karangalan which was an official entry to the Iglesia ni Cristo’s Excellence in Visual Media Centennial Edition. They were lucky and blessed enough to have been chosen in the top 20 amongst the 120 entries across the globe.

The Film Director is none other than my younger brother who is also the Kuerdas Band Major.

Unknown to many, he had been exposed to the world of arts and theatre when he was in high school and had even performed to different places across the country. His exposures were such a feat.

Film making on the other hand is a varied and alien field for a budding director like him. He related to me that he had to do a lot of research for the project to materialize.

On October 31 was the Awards Night which was held at the Philippine Arena. Karangalan bagged two major awards namely: Best in Production Design and Best in Costume Design respectively.

They were nominees for the following awards:

Best in Promoting Christian Values
Best in Cinematography
Best in Script
Best in Editing
Best Director

My brother came up the stage to accept the award for the Best In Costume Design. It was clear that he was overwhelmed before the humongous crowd (50,000?) and was close to being speechless. I was told he went to the Philippine Arena without any expectations in his heart at all, thus the unprepared speech. Hahaha! He pulled it through nicely nonetheless.

Obviously overwhelmed before a jam-packed crowd at the Philippine Arena
Obviously overwhelmed before a jam-packed crowd at the Philippine Arena


For a beginner, it is quite a feat to make it to Top 3! I suppose next year will be an even better year.

Kudos to the Church Administration for coming up with this endeavour.

I vividly recalled in one of my chats with my brother that he considers it his way of sharing his God-given gifts to the Church in the realms of arts, music, and theatre. Indeed, his effort and personal sacrifices paid off.

Congratulations Cotabato South and the entire cast of Karangalan! We are proud of you! Praises and glory be unto God!

The Big Influence For My Love Of Music

The Kuerdas band major, Jay Son, was the one who inspired me to play the guitar.

Onyok and his guitar

I remember back in my freshman years in college, whenever he comes to visit us in our boarding house which actually became our place for hang out, he brings with him a guitar. A lot of our cousins live in the same compound including myself and my older brother. We would sing songs together and have fun mostly after dinner. And in between those singing and chatting sessions, he would patiently teach me the basics of playing the guitar. He doesn’t own a guitar at that time. It was just a simple guitar which, as far as I can remember, was borrowed from a good friend of his. Well, we were only students back then. Our parents couldn’t afford to buy us everything that we desire. :)

I realized this is the only picture of us together. You will have to look for Jay Son though!!! LOL!!!

Anyway, whenever I was able to learn to play a song with the guitar, he’d always compliment me and tell me I’m a “fast learner”. I was all the more motivated to learn to play and sing together with them during our hang out sessions at the boarding house.

He pretty much taught me the basics of music and that I should sing from the heart. He was actually my music instructor, my mentor. In fact, he was my biggest influence for my LOVE of MUSIC!

I miss you, Kuya Jay Son!!!

What Is A Wakeboard Storage For?

My younger brother is the lead vocals with his music Band, Kuerdas and he has always been a big sports enthusiast. He is unbelievably such a sucker for all kinds of sports such as skim boarding, paragliding, basketball, and lots more.

Getting ready for the fly of his life
All set for paragliding! ;-)
Take off!
Now I am nervous!
Geez! Now it’s all clouds!
Up, up and away!
I need to go down and puke! Pleaseeee!
Success! The little guy with the pilot 😉

Somehow, it is quite hard to believe that he is such because of his diminutive size and being thin, all of which goes against what one would expect of a sports enthusiast. Besides, I am so used to seeing him only when he sings on stage for Kuerdas gigs. :-)

Perhaps one of the explanations for wakeboarding and snowboarding that he would so love to do but has not had the opportunity of doing is obviously due to our tropical climate here. Our climate here does not offer him to engage in that kind of sports. If he is given the chance, I know he would not allow that opportunity to pass without indulging in those types of action sports.

For those who might not be aware what wakeboarding is, it is a water sport and it is like skiing on water but the person uses a board to skim over water while being pulled by a powerful speed boat. Snowboarding is over snow instead of water.

Photo grabbed

My brother finds both these sports very interesting because it is another challenging way though different from skim boarding. He owns a skim board. He saved every dime from his regular gigs to be able to purchase one. But for now, I believe his ultimate wish is to own a wakeboard and for sure, he is going to need a wakeboard storage for that.

Wakeboard storage rack: Photo grabbed

For those who are already into wakeboarding and snowboarding, ultimately they need larger space to store their equipment and gears. In my brother’s case, the storage room will be an alternative solution but he needs to clean it up and dispose of unneeded items to make room for his sports equipment.

However, knowing my brother, I am sure he’d find a way to create space for a dedicated wakeboard rack. These wakeboard racks are just fantastic. It will make room for all the equipment to be stored and maintained for prolonged use. As early as now, I am sure my brother already found his way for the best solution to protect his sports equipment and gears and for easy access whenever he needs one for his indulgence in outdoor fun and excitement.

Missing “Real” Performances On Stage

I sang at our team building last Saturday. It was just a simple performance. A colleague played the guitar for me. There wasn’t a full band set up on stage and there wasn’t a really big audience. It was just a small group of people, colleagues having fun at Caliraya Lake Resort. It wasn’t even a serious performance. I felt like just jamming with my friends. I had fun performing still. They said they liked my rendition of Karmin’s Borkenhearted. Yet no one took a video of me singing. LOL! I just hope they were telling the truth, though. Haha!

I miss the “real” performance on stage. I wish I’d still be able to do that sometime when I get together with Kuerdas band.



This Month’s Goal: Purchase A 2nd Hand Laptop

I’ve been asking friends around to help me find a 2nd-hand laptop. I’ve been wanting to purchase one because I’m having a hard time going online on internet cafes. It’s so uncomfortable especially when there are a lot of kids cussing around while they’re playing games online. I can’t wright quality posts whenever I update mine and Lainy’s blogs.

I really miss going online in the comforts of my room. I can check the status of my Facebook account anytime I want and update my blogs frequently. I also need to start looking for home-based jobs online in preparation for my homecoming. When I get settled back home, I’ll try to educate myself about computers so that I would learn how to speed up my computer on my own. Or being able to fix it when it becomes crappy. I won’t have to hire someone else to make my it work.

There are just a lot of things I can do with my own laptop. Hopefully I can buy a less expensive 2nd-hand laptop before this month ends. 😀


The Unused DigiCam

I have a digital camera at home which I haven’t used  for a while now. It’s a simple Cannon digicam. I used to want to buy energizer rechargeable batteries for it so that I can use it to take photos and videos for a longer time. I always forget to do it until I lost its memory card. Now I have to purchase to different accessories to make the digicam work. Sigh. So careless of me.

For now, I content myself with taking pictures using my phone. When I have the time, I’ll go ahead and purchase batteries and memory card for that digicam so I can take better pictures of whatever. 😀


Rainy Days Poetry

Rainy days are here! No more sweating all day! Maybe just a little bit. 😀 Electric bill won’t be too expensive anymore since the outdoor gazebo fans will most likely be turned off most days. They are useful for the summer but not for the rainy days!

And when I go to be today,I just hope it’s just going to rain all day. In that way I’ll just be on la-la-land and dream away!

LOL! I’m so trying hard to make a rhyme. When all I want to say is – it’s time to go to bed for me! 😀


Wanting To Try A Different Hang Out

I’m not a party-goer. Although I used to hang out with friends in some bars before in my younger years and have fun. But that was years back. I also used to be a performer so I went to bars to work.  :)

I’ve seen a lot of clubs on TV that showcase DJs doing turntable scratching and play cool music. The crowd is having fun dancing to whatever song they play. Their turntables look expensive, I wonder if they where they bought a table on clearance sale and are able to play nice music from those. I heard they get good pay just by spinning great on their turntables.

Sometimes I think about going to these clubs just to experience being at that type of crowd. My boyfriend won’t allow me anyway. I might just sneak around sometime if my best friend comes to visit me here in Manila then! 😀


Lots Of Catching Up To Do But So Little Time…

As soon as I get to the airport on my first day of vacation last week, I thought about seeing the members of the band. But there were a lot of things to do first before I was able to do that.

I went home first to see my nephew and Mom. My younger brother was the one who fetched me at the airport with his motorcycle. It was a tiring ride since it was more that a 30-minute ride. I got reunited with my Mom and my nephew was Oh so glad to see me! 😀 He was very enthusiastic and wouldn’t let me off his sight.

We went to a mall in GenSan and bought my nephew some story books. He helped me choose his books. He was really a doll!

Afterwards, I sent a message to Jayson and told him I’m on vacation. They have a gig in few hours in a nearby town and spared some minutes to see me. If I wasn’t with my brother and nephew, I would have gone with them on their gig. I didn’t so we just did a little chat.

Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of them that same day. I thought I’d still be able to see them on the next gig. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time.

I hope on my next vacation, I’d be able to really chat with them. There were lots of catching up to do but so little time.


A New Phone After 4 years!

Before I went home for vacation, I bought myself a new phone! An Android phone, it is! I was so happy when I was already using it that I tend to forget about being with my Kido that day. LOL! I just can’t take my hands off of it!

LG E-400

It’s already complete with accessories when I bought it but I’m still thinking about checking out in ear headphones and see if I can purchase something better than the one I have right now.

I’m still getting the hang of it. I keep downloading apps especially if I get a free Wi-Fi service. The last time I bought myself a phone was 4 years ago. That long! I’m not really into updating gadgets that why. 😀

For now, I’m pretty satisfied with the phone. My next plan is to save for a new laptop in replacement to what was stolen months back. I hope I’d be able to purchase one before the end of the year. So help me, God. 😀