Is There Still Hope for Our Country?

My cousin’s wife is now working in the Middle East as a nurse. I can actually imagine her now wearing her nursing scrubs

A lot of Filipinos in the medical field nowadays go abroad to work. There is not much opportunity here in our country so they look for greener pasture abroad.

The influx of Filipinos going out of the country causes brain drain. The country equips them with the knowledge but they can not be utilized in here for lack of opportunities. I find it rather degrading for the Filipino government. Why can’t they do something to offer better opportunities to my countrymen so they don’t have to leave their families behind?

I am now beginning to doubt that there is still hope for our country.

The Groovy Mom

I went out for dinner with my family the other night minus the two Kuerdas members though. They have quite a few gigs that night because of the culmination of the Tuna Fest celebration.

My mother had amused me the entire night. She has remained to be the funny and groovy woman I know, LOL!

I had been thinking that although it’s a few months past her birthday, I should be looking around for the best gift for her. She’s into jewelries so I believe that customizing mothers rings should be the best gift she will ever have.

We may have our differences once in a while but I haven’t forgotten that she’s the Mom who bore me for 9 months in her womb and reared me to be the person that I am today. That isn’t actually enough to requite for all the good things she has done for me.

I better stop here now. I can’t help but feel misty eyed. My bad!

Kuerdas Band Major’s Birthday Today

Today is Jay Son’s birthday. He is the Kuerdas Band Major and is in charge of all Kuerdas schedules, professional fees, and stuffs like that. Today is a very special day for him. But since we already had celebrated his birthday ahead of time. we will just content ourselves of going to the Thursday Worship Service altogether. It was so very unfortunate that after the pre-celebration of his birthday, he was diagnosed to have pneumonia.

Well, if ever there are things I wanna wish him on his birthday, it’s good health, long life, endless love, more blessings and a bright future ahead of him. He isn’t getting any younger and he needs to reflect on what he really wants to happen with his life.

The family will always be behind him. To my brother Jay Son, whatever it is that you are wishing for, you are wished all that and a whole lot more!


Below are some pics during his pre-birthday celebration: