Maintained PR

I am not too sure if maintaining the PR 2 of this blog for quite a number of months now is enough reason to celebrate. I have always believed that blogging shouldn’t rely on the page ranks. Since the mighty Google has really been unpredictable, I won’t be surprised at all if one day, PR for this blog is stipped off. 

Well, that’s how it goes. At least I was able to get a good grip of it for long. Blogging has been a real passion for me. Even when this blog was deleted from the realms of EntreCard a few months back, blogging has continued because a life’s blog can’t be ever determined by any social networking sites or by a free-traffic driving site for that matter. So PR or no PR, Kuerdas shall live on!

PR 2 for Kuerdas?

I don’t think this blog deserves the Page Rank of 2. When the mighty Google had it’s update a couple of days ago, I wasn’t expecting this blog will be included in the list of blogs that’s going to be ranked. In all my blogs, I haven’t paid much attention to this particular blog.

When my friend Uncle Che confirmed that, indeed, this blog is PR 2, I have mixed emotions. I’m happy for this blessing and also because my other blog, Lainy’s Musings, haven’t been stripped off of its rank after taking some paid reviews. But all the same, I have been asking myself if this blog deserves to be ranked.

Nevertheless, a blessing is a blessing. I hope this blog can take hold of its page rank much longer as compared to my first blog, Our Journey to Forever, which. unfortunately, wasn’t able to hold off its PR 3.