Booming Economy In GenSan

During my vacation in GenSan, I never really had time to sit and have a long chat with relatives and friends. I was busy with my family. Although I somehow was able to stroll a little of GenSan. The place is really different now.

photo courtesy of Bariles of

I saw some new establishments along the familiar streets. A new SM Mall is going to open very soon (August 9-10 of this year, according to news). Manny Pacquiao’s empire (shops, boutiques and gasoline stations and even a new hotel) is manifested all over the town. And I heard about Starbucks also going to build a franchise at the Home of the Champs! What a great news, isn’t it? I’d still be able to get a taste of my favorite Java Chip Frappe!

GenSan truly is booming right now and it continues to grow economically. I’m glad to know that if in case I won’t be able to go back here in Manila, there are a lot of opportunities for the unemployed citizens of GenSan and the soon-to-be jobless like myself.