Fame Review and Authenticity….

I watched the movie Fame earlier today. It is based on the 1980 film which is about New York City talents attending the popular New York City High School for the Performing Arts. A bunch of kids making a big step towards their dreams in pursuing their passion. It’s all about performing arts. Not just dancing and singing but also acting and fine arts and playing different kinds of instruments. I love it because it didn’t focus on just one character but it highlighted each kids different talents. It was really entertaining.

I felt for the talented kids on the film. If I was just given an opportunity, I would’ve enrolled to this kind of school. Kuerdas band members, I believe also have this kind of dream when they were young. But because of not being born rich, we tried to make use of what’s available on what we can only afford. And that’s learning through the internet or get trained by someone who knows how to play the instrument and hone our crafts in our own ways. Lol! That’s authentic talent man!