Kuerdas Band Live at Dagkot Festival in Cabadbaran City

Kuerdas Band had to travel to Cabadbaran City for an out-of-town show a week ago. This was in celebration of the City’s Dagkot Festival. The new members were looking for some new great experience and the Dagkot Festival gig simply made the way for it. The newest Kuerdas Band members haven’t gone to as far as Compostela Valley, Nabunturan, and San Francisco Agusan del Sur, thus accepting the out-of-town show at Agusan Del Norte is one whole new undertaking for all the members of Kuerdas Band.

Arrival at Cabadbaran City
Arrival at Cabadbaran City

There were some apprehensions prior to the booking. The weatherman initially warned of a typhoon surging in the area. However, the organizer assured them that it’s way past their area of jurisdiction. Kuerdas Band could only heave a sigh of relief!


Admittedly, not one of them had an idea as to the proximity of the place. They must have Googled it and realized that it’s tailing at the Northeastern part of Mindanao but it’s not too far from Leyte in the Visayas.

The anticipated day of the bum-aching 7 to 8-hour land travel was a perfect time for them to catch up with sleep as they had a gig the night previously at Pahayahay prior to hitting the road.

All set!
All set!

They had all their stuffs ready by then and after their regular gig, they were all set to go. They began hitting the road at 4:30 am and everyone was asleep the entire journey.

The crowd during the performance was amazing! They danced to the reggae beat and Kuerdas Band was just too inspired to perform for them! They gave it their all to the satisfaction of their audience. It was one beautiful experience for Kuerdas Band as a whole.

Dagkot Festival
Dagkot Festival
Just a small portion of the crowd
Just a small portion of the crowd
More audience
More audience
Kuerdas live!
Kuerdas live!
Inspired on stage!
Inspired on stage!

The Local Government of Cabadbaran was very warm and accommodating. They provided all the needs of the Band- foods, accommodation, transportation and the Talent Fee was generous enough for the experience.



It was very well worth the long journey.

Kuerdas Band members on a trike in Cabadbaran City
Kuerdas Band members on a trike in Cabadbaran City

Bagong Umaga: A Tribute Song for the Yolanda/ Haiyan Victims by Kuerdas feat. Various Musicians of GenSan

Bagong Umaga is one of the most sterling compositions by Jay Son Ugbaniel a.k.a Onyok, the Kuerdas Band major. Driven by deep sympathy and unbearable grief for the Yolanda typhoon victims, Jay Son and Dexter Morimonte, Kuerdas Band’s percussionist, were both inspired to come up with this meaningful masterpiece.

As the Filipinos felt the onslaught of the strongest typhoon that hit the Earth and while the world sympathized with the typhoon-stricken country, Kuerdas Band and the various musicians in Gensan came together to show its support and sympathy to our fellow Filipinos who were grievously affected by the calamity that ravaged the country and its helpless populace.

Dexter created the chord progression. Jay Son on the other hand put together the lyrics and the melody of the song. Both of them arranged the music.

However, they do NOT take all credit for themselves. The making of Bagong Umaga is a collaborative effort of ALL MUSICIANS IN GENSAN who took part and performed in the spirit of solidarity in this time of distress. They endeavor to somehow give comfort and uplift the Filipino spirits through their kind of music. It is an inspirational song that aims to boost the morale of the Filipinos amidst the tragedy that struck the Philippines. The message that is conveyed in every lyrics of the song is hope- that after the fall must come the rise.

The making of Bagong Umaga is not a walk in the park. It is very commendable and truly praiseworthy that despite each musician’s varied schedules, they took the time and the effort to come up with this beautiful masterpiece as a simple dedication to our fellow Filipinos who have lost many lives and properties.

Please take note that the recording was not done professionally; it was done only in a home studio. Nevertheless, as a General myself, I felt proud that they were able to pull it through; not to mention that the composer himself is my very own brother and one of the artists who sang is our youngest brother, Mark a.k.a Utog, Kuerdas Band’s lead vocals :-)

It is moving to know that these musicians were able to collaborate for the love of their fellow Filipinos.

Bagong Umaga would not have been possible if not for the following musicians who actively participated in this joint undertaking:

KUERDAS feat. Various Musicians of GENSAN
Jomic of 3RD EDGE
Jaja and Ondo of CHIMES and RHYTHM
April of MAYANA
Don-Don, Moner and Gifford Sumaylo of RED OCTOBER

Have a listen and watch the video:

Credit to VON ELLIS for the video.

An Album Cover???


Kuerdas updated their photo cover in Facebook. And that was it. I find it so cool yet funny! LOL! Makes you wonder what these guys are doing with their backs turned from the camera and looking up. Are peeing? Or are they waiting for treasures to fall from the skies? 😀 What do you all think?

Seriously, I find the photo very artistic. No matter how funny they seem to look. Well maybe because I know these guys that’s why when I saw the picture, I found it funny. But to some, they will find this artistic! It will also be nice for an album cover, right? 😀


Brothers Doing Things Together

Jayson and Mark do a lot of things together since they were children. Mark pretty much looks up to his brother and basically also does all the things that his big brother does. I remember when we were young and have family gatherings, after Jayson sings a sons, Mark’s would always get everyone’s attention and sing his own rendition of songs even as a little boy. That’s the reason, I guess, that they both ended up being band mates right now. 😀 Although Mark has some other talents that his big doesn’t have. Like carpentry and he likes fixing electrical stuff. If he gets the opportunity, I bet he’s also going to be good at mechanical stuffs. He could be good at replacing machines with bolts, studs and t nuts. Well, I don’t think he still have time for that though. I guess he just wanted to focus on his singing career and fix music instruments with his big brother. 😀


Favorite Cover Photo

I have blogged about this photo before. It being one of my favorite photo covers of Kuerdas. They all looked fresh and handsome her. LOL! They looked like they came out of a facial spa, had a mud mask put on their faces and then the result! Or is it because of the lights used by the photographer? I haven’t really asked. It doesn’t matter coz they all look gorgeous here. I hope they’d keep posting more photos like this. 😀



Kuerdas Band’s Favorite Outfit

Many people here in the Philippines prefer wearing t-shirts especially during summer season. Not only it is easy to wear but it’s also brings anyone comfort since these shirts are made up of cotton fabric.

Labeled shirts or customized t-shirts have been very common lately. Even the members of the Kuerdas band wear a lot of them not only on ordinary days but also on their gigs. It  looks like T-shirts have been their favorite outfit ever since the band started. The shirts have different designs but mostly the members of the band wear those that have reggae designs on them.

The Shirts On Kuerdas

That was an old picture. I was even there at the time and look! Mark’s hair is permed! LOL!

My fave cover photo! :)

Why my favorite? Because they all look handsome on this photo with their black shirts. Don’t you all agree? :)

The shirts are easy to wear on stage that’s why you’d see the boys wear these most of the time. Their fans love whatever the boys wear onstage, anyway! :)


Faux Pas

Technology has hugely evolved over time. The malls now and the convenient stores have been using barcode scanner to do the job conveniently. Other innovations have also been made to make shopping a lot easier for their consumers.

Speaking of the malls, I remember Allena when she was still the female vocals of Kuerdas. They had a gig in one of the malls here. When she had her opening greetings, she welcomed everyone at the mall but she had uttered mistakenly the competitor’s name.

Oh my!

I could imagine the shame and embarrassment she had felt at the time. Those were the days when they were young and innocent, LOL!

The Band Major’s Failed Attempt at Losing Weight

Prior to the Band Major’s wedding, he planned of losing some weight. Needless to say, there is a need for him to trim down and try out lipozene.

Unfortunately, the toxic schedule did not permit him to follow a strict diet program. The hard work for a month to make the wedding successful and within the set-up planned was more of a priority. We can only feel relief that it is now over and done with.

I am sure he will

In Need Of A New Lead Guitarist!

The band’s lead guitarist, Agustin (a.k.a Teng) will stop playing with the band sometime soon. He is going to concentrate on their family business. Temporarily, Edmond, who’s also a good guitar player will be playing with the band. I’m not really sure if the spot is still open. I just hope they could find a permanent lead guitarist for the band.

Teng will just be around but needed to set aside his passion for a while. I know for sure that his going to be back to what he really love doing!

Good luck on the business though, Teng! You will certainly be missed!

Planning To Leave Kuerdas???

Lainy told me about a bad news yesterday. She said that Agustin or Teng, who is Kuerdas band’s lead guitarist is planning to resign from playing with the band. Not because he’s applying for finance jobs but because he has to take care of their family business. He’s going to help his Dad in building another lodging house in GenSan. He doesn’t want the band’s gigs to get compromised so he already told everyone about his plan so that the band will be able to find replacement for him. When I heard about it, I really felt bad. Teng is a good guitarist and very talented one at that. His talent in playing the guitar is really a great contribution to Kuerdas’ music. I, like all the other members of the band and people who love Kuerdas, still hope that he’d change his mind.