Kuerdas Performs at the Kalilangan Opening Night

Kuerdas was again tapped to perform by the San Miguel Corporation. This is in line with the opening activities of the Kalilangan Festival. But this time around to a different venue. The SMB Party Zone usually takes place at the Oval Plaza. But this year, SMB didn’t won the bid so they chose Robinson’s Mall to be the venue for this year’s Party Zone.
It was a night of fun and excitement. I was there and I was able to witness how much people were enthralled with the beat of reggae music.

I took advantage of this night to give Marjory a treat for her debut. She is our working student at home. I will write more about her on my other blog.

Anyways, we would like to thank the people who came over at the Robinson’s Place and jammed with Kuerdas music.

You certainly rock guys!

Kuerdas Back on Stage @ the Culmination of the Kalilangan Festival

The Street Party sponsored by San Miguel Beer on the weeklong celebration of the Kalilangan Festival was a huge success. The highlight of the event was the successive performances of Kuerdas for two nights, February 27 and 28 at the Party Zone. I was there on the first night and I couldn’t believe my eyes! The crowd was overflowing! We had a hard time finding for a place to have a better view of the performers on stage. During the first set,  the crowd was a little tamed. They sang along with the band and were enjoying themselves listening to slow reagge beat.
But the people went berserk when the second set began. The audience weren’t prevented by the band to dance along with the music. In fact, they were even encouraged. The only thing that’s not allowed was to come up on stage.  SMB even hired private securities to secure the place especially the stage to prohibit people from coming up.
In the middle of the second set, the band sent out a warning to everyone and apologized that the venue was fully packed and won’t anymore allow entry of the people from outside who were flocking and pleading to the guards to let them in. That’s to prevent stampede. There’s no more space left for the latecomers. They contented themselves watching the band from outside.
Overall, it was a blast for the Generals who got used to Kuerdas performing on stage for the culmination of the Kalilangan Festival.  


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