No Regrets!

As the band members get older each day, they also have to think what the future holds for them. I wonder of they have realized the importance of getting themselves insured. I told my mother it would be a lot better of she try handing them out life insurance quotes. It sure will keep their options open and make them realize that while they are still productive, the best thing to do is save up enough for their future by virtue of these stable insurances. They will reap in no time what they have sow and for sure, there would be no regrets!

Not At All Shaken

I have been talking about getting my own insurance. I am not too sure if life insurance lead can help me but there is no harm in trying. I am thinking it is a very good investment for my own future. 

Though pre-need companies were a bit shaken by the economic crisis the world is currently experiencing, I am still very much willing to take the risk. I will just have to cross the bridge when I get there 😉 
But of course, I need to do my share by scouting the best company in town. My mother sure can help me with that. She works as an insurance agent on the side. That will make things easier for me.