Lainy’s House Under Construction…

Lainy’s house is under construction. Not exactly the whole house but just her room actually. She had her room painted and I think reconstructed as well. The living room, according to her is a mess. She didn’t send a picture of how the living room looked like but I can just imagine the mess. Lol! If I am to suggest something in her room, it would be nice if she add stainless steel tiles.

Kuerdas band members for sure have difficulty during practise sessions since they do it at Lainy’s house. I wonder when the renovation gets done.

Keep it Clean!

We got a househelp which I will be sending to school. She will be enrolling in first year High School. She will attend school every Sundays. The rest of the days, she will be at home doung stuffs. There aren’t much. She even goes home at night.
Today, I asked my brothers to help her in cleaning the spare room in the kitchen. They have to find a solution in cleaning up the moving boxes found there. Well, I am keeping my fingers crossed that when I go home for lunch everything is in order and clean.