No Place Like Home

The atmosphere here in Manila is really hot and the place seemed to be so polluted. I just miss the clean environment back in the province. I miss inhaling the warm breeze when I’m with family and friends having fun in a beach resort or just doing some nature tripping with friends. I really miss home and the band.

Life here in Manila is really stressful. Whenever you have to go to places or to other parts of Metro Manila, you must not go during rush hour or else you would have to deal with lots of people in public transportation. You wouldn’t want to sit beside someone who looked like he needed to have some natural acne treatment, do you? 😀 What a silly thought. But that’s really how it goes here. When you ride the train (LRT of MRT) during rush hour, you have to prepare yourself to get squeezed in the train. I am not exaggerating. LOL!

I still love the simple life back in the province. No traffic jam, not too much people, you can breathe the fresh air and I have my family and friends back there. Not to mention the band. If I am to choose between life here in Manila or home, I still would love to go back to my homeland. There’s really no place like home. 😀

I’m Coming Home on March!!!

I am getting ready to get reunited with my family and Kuerdas band. I’ve already bought my plane ticket last week for my homecoming on March. I’m really excited to get to see them. It’s been more than a year since I was back in GenSan. I really miss all of them back there. Coming home is always a great vacation for me. It always felt like an Orlando vacation since I’ll be able to spend great moments with family and friends. I have a feeling that it’s going to be full of fun and excitement. Thanks to Lainy who informed me about the promo flight available from one of the airline companies here in the Philippines. I took advantage of it right away as soon as Lainy texted me. I’m so happy to be able to avail of a cheap price for my plane tickets! I’m finally coming home this March!!!