The Pride In Making Home

Ever since we purchased our new home, we have spent all our time, decorating and redecorating the interior. Happily we have made lots of excellent choices with the furniture and household appliances and it makes our house truly a Home Sweet Home.

However, when my spouse and I head back for home each day after work, we find that something is missing the moment we reach the front gate. We realize that we have focused entirely on the inside of our home and hardly improved the area outside.

During dinner one day, as if by sheer coincidence, both my spouse and I started to discuss about”>outdoor hanging plants where our car is parked.

Now, that has set us going and we intend to beautify the house front with lovely leafy plants.

New Fridge!

We just purchased a new refrigerator. The family have been without it for two weeks. It was so hard as we couldn’t do grocery shopping. In the two weeks that we didn’t have a working fridge, we tend to not just eat our dinner because we’re all dead tired from work and preparing dinner was more of a hassle.
It’s a good thing there’s a new fridge now!
Came with the new fridge was a big box where there’s a need for a box cutter. Well, the Kuerdas vocals is in charge of that one. He likes to do things around the house.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

On a morning breakfast show today, some tips for the best selection of condominiums that abound in the metropolis were laid down byt he show’s host. These condominiuns were especially established to make people’s home closer to where everything is- shopping, leisure, work, school, church and oudoors. The aim of these developers is for people to attain quality of life by making the most of their time. Less travel for them and more quality time for themselves and their families. 

The condos that were presented on the show were all classy and elegant fully furnished with appliances and patio furniture covers. Now I wonder if I could ever afford to live in such kind of house by saving enough blogging money. How many years would it take me saving up enough dime?

I have always dreamt of owning my own house with a bigger space for landscape. I do not want a grand one. I want just the simple one where there is enough space for everyone. I have actually partially purchased a lot in the neighboring village. It is still not fully paid but I envision my own house built there one day.