The Eyes Of The Beholder… :)

I’ve been having problem with my eyes these past few months. I haven’t had it checked with a doctor yet. It kept bulging whenever I’m tired and stressed out. The ophthalmologist who checked my eyes sometime ago suspected it to be allergic conjunctivitis and that I have to have it checked by an Allergologist. I’m planning to set an appointment with an Allergologist’s receptionist who’s maybe seated next to a medication cart. I hope I’d be able to go to the clinic this time around.
I really feel anxious with my eyes and make sure that I don’t get my self exhausted. I’m a bit scared about the diagnosis but since the ailment has been recurring, I better have it checked by the doctor. I just hope it’s not something serious.

Kuerdas Band Major Still Confined at the Hospital

As I have written at my other blog, Our Journey to Forever, There Is No Equation for Suffering. The Kuerdas Band Major is still at the hospital since his confinement last Friday night. He is looked after by a urologist and an endocrinologist to put his UTI and blood sugar in check.

I can see how remorseful my brother is for neglecting his own health. Now he will have to suffer the consequences for not doing exercises everyday and for not keeping watch of his diet. Now I am sure he wouldn’t want to have those excesses to regain back his health.

While he was admitted at the hospital, the band have not cancelled their regular gigs. For the first time, they performed without the presence of their Band Major.

Well, they’ve got no choice. The show must continue while he is on his way to recovery.

Fit And Fab???

I just came from the gym with my friends. Julie, a colleague of mine invited me and Joan for free gym session which we gladly took! 😀 We had fun while working out. We still have 2 more free sessions and of course was asked by the gym instructor to sign up. I was about to but then I have to make my homecoming this March my priority. I might enroll myself to the gym if it fits my budget.

I found out that the gym included spa, facial treatments, and other beauty and health facilities. They will not only make you look good but will make you look younger, even teach a bit aged clients on how to get rid of wrinkles.

I really would love to get fit and fabulous! 😀

Band Members Need To Diet

I have been looking at recent photos of the band. I have become worried about how bigger the boys have become. I meant BIG like FAT men! These boys should watch on their diet or else they’ll put themselves in danger. We all know that not having self discipline will lead us to harm, right? Why are these men so stubborn about their health? LOL! I sound like a nagging mom! I’m just concerned about them, especially with Jayson. He’s asthmatic and gaining weight will just make his condition worst. No offense, Kuy, but you look like a candidate now for bariatric surgery!

Peace out! Better loose some weight, Kuya! 😛

Health Card Could Be A Big Help…

My company’s health insurance have helped me with my medical bills when I was sick. It covered all of the doctor fees and check ups and even xrays. Just recently, as I was diagnosed of having asthma, I didn’t worry about paying for the asthma test procedure last week. I just presented my health card.

The card also helped me take care of some of my dental concerns. I was also able to use it to get rid of the warts on my face. Good thing I didn’t have to go through eczema treatment since I don’t have one, but I bet the health card also covers some other dermatological issues except for surgery, of course.

It’s really helpful to have a health card. We can save a lot of money because of it. That’s why I also enrolled my mom for the same health plan since she has been getting sick often lately.