Lainy and Mark Kayaking…

I sooo envy Lainy and family and friends’ getaway few weeks ago. They went to Samal Island’s Pearl Farm which is the famous resort in the island. I really wanted to go there. I just can imagine how much fun and adventure they had! I wish I was with them. :(
They did sea kayaking. I was surprised seeing pictures of Lainy doing it with Mark. And she looked like she is really having fun! I am soooo jealous! LOL!


When I go home this March, I hope we can do some adventures together. Might as well ask Lainy to look for a place to getaway like the ones in destin vacation rentals.

I just miss my folks! I can’t wait to go home.

Remembering Bora Getaway on ’07

I was browsing some pictures of Kuerdas on an online social network. I came across the photos from our Boracay getaway back in 2007. It was so much fun. I was already working as a call center agent back then and took sometime off just to be with my dear cousins and friends. I love the experience and I hope we can do something like that next time. Here are some of the photos.

Mark and Me


Enjoying the Sunset

Geez! I was a bit slimmer back then. How I wish I could get that same bod. I better get me some best diet supplements for a start. :)