Goodluck Bro!

My brother’s sound system business is thriving. However, he is yet to purchase an octavius rex to effectively boost his business. I am not too sure how many bookings he got for December; I am assuming there’d be a couple as it is a peak season for events.

I was thinking hard how he’d be able to find the time to manage this business. The band is fully booked for the entire month and he’d need some rest too.

Well, goodluck to him!

Audience Appreciation

Kuerdas Band members are yet to watch the interview of david bryan of Bon Jovi. Although their repertoire is reggae, they also gets interested with other genres.

Sometimes, they were also asked impromptu to perform non-reggae songs. In order to please the audience, they would gladly give in but would politely decline if it is totally out of their comfort zones. The audience would generally appreciate the effort.

Satisfying My Curiosity

I do not have an idea what a mini humbucker is but I am sure my very musical brothers know what it is. I may need a chat with one of them to enlighten me on how this musical gadget works if only to satisfy my curiosity.

They are up and about at the moment for some out of town shows. It is a little bit difficult to pin them down for a little chat.

She is Gifted

I am no gymnast but I have got a little niece who is showing a lot of potentials. She is currently enrolled and honing her gymnastics skill. I thought of giving her gymnastics bags as a birthday present. It was not hard to decide on that.

I have seen her videos and I was amazed at how she has improved in just a matter of weeks. She is simply gifted!

Return of Investment

Kuerdas Band is back in town after a couple of months’ stint to the world renowned tourist attraction in the world, Island of Boracay. After getting some good rest, the Band Major made up some lost time to his family. Meanwhile, the Kuerdas Lead Vocals took the effort of cleaning our mothers’ house; it was uninhabited when she left for Australia in March.

He also made sure to check his sound system gadgets especially the speaker cable. As you know, he ventured into a small-scale sound system for hire business.

I hope he can make some good money out of it.It was no small investment and like any other business venture, he sure need some returns.

Supportive Parents

None of the boys in our family learned how to play the piano. They had to recruit one for Kuerdas Band who’s gift is unquestionable. I was told he owned a piano at their own house with a led piano lamp. He was trained by his parents when he was sent off to piano lessons as young as five. He commends his parents for being all out in supporting him in honing his craft.

Freaking Winter

I understand the importance of ice cleats wholesale at CozyWinters especially if you get the brutal cold of winter all seasoned with snow the entire three months of the season. It could have been the perfect time to hibernate but for working people like me, there would be no option but to gear up with a winter apparel regardless of the freaking cold.

As I speak, it is only a couple of months left and it’s going to be winter again. Well, I wish to survive another one this year as I did the previous years. Wearing the proper outfits for the season is very important for someone like me who originally hailed from a tropical country. CozyWinters apparel is definitely a must to get comfortable and battle with extra caution the winter season. I tend to hate the onset of the cold season but once I am bundled up, I will be alright.

Famous Celebrities Dealing with Hair Loss

Thinning hair is an issue faced by many women, of all walks of life. Reassuringly, even celebrities have to deal with hair loss and can provide us with inspiration for hairstyles that help to disguise hair loss.

It is estimated that more than 75 per cent of women in some parts of the world will face hair loss, shedding or thinning at some time in their lives. Thinning hair can be caused by a number of factors, particularly the hormonal changes that occur as we age. The magnitude of hair loss can range from a minimal decline in volume to far more extreme hair loss. Experts in haircare and hair loss, such as Transitions Hair, are a wonderful place to turn for advice.

No matter what type of hair you have, it’s important to make the most of the hair that you have, just as these celebrities do.

Helen Mirren

It is suspected that Dame Helen Mirren’s hair has thinned out over the years, but this incredible actress and woman never fails to look stylish and beautifully groomed. Helen Mirren almost invariably features waves in her hair, and waves offer a quick and quite easy way to add volume. To do this, use wide barrel tongs or large-sized rollers to create big curls, rather than small tight ones.

Jennifer Saunders

Best known for her role in Ab Fab, Jennifer Saunders has undergone chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and, like many women, her hair appears to be finer as it returns. This comedy legend shows that even when hair is growing back following such invasive treatment, a great haircut makes all the difference. Saunders has sported an on-trend choppy bob to perfection, and shows that this is a cut that is not only simple to maintain but makes appear thicker and more voluminous.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock (photo grabbed from Google)
Sandra Bullock (photo grabbed from Google)

Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock has hair which is naturally thin. However, to look at Bullock’s hair, you would be unlikely to think so. The actress adds volume and impact to her locks with cleverly crafted curls. Sometimes these curls are lightly tousled, and at other times they are much tighter corkscrew-styled twists. At the Oscars in 2014, Sandra Bullock drew much admiration and attention for the dramatic cascade of curls that fell across one of her shoulders.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz also has naturally fine hair, but many of the hairstyles that she is most synonymous with disguise her thin hair perfectly. Diaz even achieves the effect of ‘big hair’ with a laid back, half-up half-down style that is gorgeous and prevents her hair from looking flat. The stunning actress is also a pro at incorporating stray wisps and flyaways with her hairstyle to have them be part of the overall look.

Sally Field

Timeless actress Sally Field certainly does not have the thickest head of hair in Hollywood. However, the stylish celebrity manages to pull off styles that make her hair appear thicker, such as a modern beehive. This ever-glamorous style is contemporary and flattering and the beehive style increases the height and volume of very fine hair – which can sometimes appear flat.

It is really helpful to look to celebrities for inspiration of how to style hair which is thinning or falling out. Even some of the world’s most adored, respected, talented and stylish celebrities contend with hair loss and often show us styles that create an impression of fuller, thicker hair.

Nowhere in Sight

There was one time that I overheard my brothers discussing over a replacement drum heads. They own a set of drums alright but it is not used for their regular gigs. It is mainly functional during rehearsals.

I am not too sure where it has been placed at the moment because when I left the Philippines last year, it was nowhere in sight. It should be at a friend’s house or ay my brother’s rented place.