Jayson Came Face-to-Face With Joey Ayala

Guess what??? Joey Ayala was in GenSan last July 30th! He did a Song Writing Workshop at the Robinson’s Place.

Joey Ayala is a contemporary pop music artist in the Philippines. He is well known for his style of music that combines the sounds of Filipino ethnic instruments with modern pop music. *(excerpt from wiki)*

Joey Ayala is Jayson’s all-time favorite artist. He has been listening to his songs since we were kids. And Joey Ayala’s songs were one of the first songs he sang in the theater and the bands. Joey is Jayson’s idol! And he came face to face with him at the workshop! Isn’t that great? I can just imagine how happy Jayson was during the workshop!

The Man - Joey Ayala
Jayson all smiles with his idol

Joey Ayala is a big influence in Jayson’s music. His music will always be an inspiration to Jayson, to Kuerdas band and every aspiring local musicians in Mindanao!



Booming Economy In GenSan

During my vacation in GenSan, I never really had time to sit and have a long chat with relatives and friends. I was busy with my family. Although I somehow was able to stroll a little of GenSan. The place is really different now.

photo courtesy of Bariles of http://www.gensantos.com

I saw some new establishments along the familiar streets. A new SM Mall is going to open very soon (August 9-10 of this year, according to news). Manny Pacquiao’s empire (shops, boutiques and gasoline stations and even a new hotel) is manifested all over the town. And I heard about Starbucks also going to build a franchise at the Home of the Champs! What a great news, isn’t it? I’d still be able to get a taste of my favorite Java Chip Frappe!

GenSan truly is booming right now and it continues to grow economically. I’m glad to know that if in case I won’t be able to go back here in Manila, there are a lot of opportunities for the unemployed citizens of GenSan and the soon-to-be jobless like myself.


Freedom Park Grand Opening!

On September 4, along with the celebration of the 41st City Charter Anniversary Celebration, the General Santos City Freedom Park will open for the General Public’s use. The local government of General Santos City spent millions of pesos for its renovation and beautification. It’s said that outdoor lights will hold the public in awe. I can not wait for its grand opening on September 4.