Unforgettable Laughs Caught On Cam

We were sailing on a boat, already having fun when all of a sudden I dropped my bottle of C2. I had a hard time bending that time so Mark bent over for me and went after the bottled C2 which took him almost to the edge of the boat. We were laughing so loud, out tummies hurt. Haha! I can always remember that moment.

I wish we can do this again. Laughing a lot and having so much fun together with the rest of the gang. 😀



Memories of Kuerdas at Bora

Just last week I went out with a friend to see one of Kuerdas band’s favorite local bands – the Brownman Revival. I had a great time. It reminded me of our Boracay getaway last November of 2007. I was with Jayson, Mark and Dexter along with our friends. It was really memorable. We were even lucky to see Brownman Revival perform on our first night at Bora.
Here are some of our photos.

We really had fun under the sun!

And party with Brownman Revival’s reggae beat!

I just love this sunset photo taken by Jayson

Kuerdas on Stage: Jamaican Night @ Tropics Grill

Hey guys! It’s Friday once again! Party-goers have been looking forward for this day. It would mean party, going out and having so much fun with friends. While you’re at it. and if you’re living near GenSan, why not consider hanging out at Tropics Grill and enjoy reggae music at its best with Kuerdas performing on stage. 

Here’s one funny song which I caught on video with Kuerdas singing a Visayan song entitled “Gi-kumot- kumot” . This is no Jamaican song but the audience have been asking for this one.