Jayson Came Face-to-Face With Joey Ayala

Guess what??? Joey Ayala was in GenSan last July 30th! He did a Song Writing Workshop at the Robinson’s Place.

Joey Ayala is a contemporary pop music artist in the Philippines. He is well known for his style of music that combines the sounds of Filipino ethnic instruments with modern pop music. *(excerpt from wiki)*

Joey Ayala is Jayson’s all-time favorite artist. He has been listening to his songs since we were kids. And Joey Ayala’s songs were one of the first songs he sang in the theater and the bands. Joey is Jayson’s idol! And he came face to face with him at the workshop! Isn’t that great? I can just imagine how happy Jayson was during the workshop!

The Man - Joey Ayala
Jayson all smiles with his idol

Joey Ayala is a big influence in Jayson’s music. His music will always be an inspiration to Jayson, to Kuerdas band and every aspiring local musicians in Mindanao!



Busy Week for Kuerdas

With the onset of the Kalilangan Festival, it is expected that Kuerdas get their hands full. A number of Festival and non=festival related gigs were in queue. Of course the regular gig at Tropics is always there, Friday night, Jamaican Night.

We expect the Kuerdas Fanatics to be always there supporting us all the way. We have always been grateful for your overwhelming and and unfailing support.
Thank you and see you in all of Kuerdas gigs!