Xylie – A Musician Like Dad

Jayson, the band major, is a known musician in GenSan. He doesn’t only play the guitars, he also play some other music instruments like the Djembe. Well guess what? It looks like the little Morning Dew is learning to play it at a very young age!

As he grow up, we are all certain that he’s also going to learn to play the guitar and sing like his Dad and Uncle Mark. And when he’s old enough to play the strings, I bet he’s going to ask his Dad or Aunt Lainy to buy him an ibanez 7 string. He will definitely become a great guitar player if he’s got one of those! 😀


The Culprits On Mark’s Illness

Mark suffered from severe pneumonia. He is now better and will be taken out of the hospital but he was advised to rest for at least a month. Lainy told me that they’re planning to make him stay at our relatives place where there is fresh air. He needed time to recuperate before going back to performing with the band again. I hope he will be able to rest this time and quite smoking. I think the smoking and not getting enough sleep were the culprits. He himself is to be blamed, anyway.

My aunts and relatives will take good care of Mark. He won’t have to do anything over at our  relative’s place but to sit back on plastic Adirondack chairs and make himself well so him and the band will get back on track as soon as he gets well.


Missing Out the Holiday Fun

My cousin Allena wasn’t able to go home for the Holiday Season this year. Too bad she missed out on a lot of fun before the year ended with a bang. However, she now got a boyfriend so she must be enjoying her time with him.

I can still vividly recall when she comes home for a vacation. We always make the most out of it.

With Allena in the middle
The Kuerdas Band Major singing his heart out while yours truly was just looking on ;-)
Pizza: Allena's Treat :-)

She told me that she might be coming home by March. I shall be looking forward for another fun escapade with her.

Refused To Learn…

I was just thinking about a gift to buy for my mom on her 63rd birthday this March. She actually asked for a digital camera. I’m having second thoughts. She refused to learn how to use the cellphone now she wants a digital camera. She actually have her own cellphone but she doesn’t use it. I still call my brothers whenever I needed to talk to her. I wonder if she’ll ever learn to use the digital camera. Lainy actually confirmed my doubts about my mom’s attitude towards learning to work on gadgets. I was thinking about bringing her to the dermatologist to have the best wrinkle treatment to get her relaxed instead.

But then, since she requested for the digital camera, I might as well give it to her. I just hope she’ll eventually learn how to use it.

Plan To Bully JaySon!

Jayson and Mark and our friends used to bully me because of my weight. I gained weight when I was back in GenSan and they would keep teasing me about it whenever they get the chance. That’s their way of helping me to lose some weight. It’s just funny when I think about it because I really wouldn’t care about their teasing. I’d still eat my heart out. Too stubborn to take their advise. They would even suggest some quick weight loss tips to help me out. I just didn’t mind them.

Now that Jayson is the one who has big tummy this time, he will get all the bullying when I get back in GenSan come this March! LOL!

Mom’s Health Condition…

My Mom have been getting sick like every month so I decided to get her a health card. It will help her with the hospital bills. Yeah, my Mom’s resistance from sickness has decreased so she’s prone to getting sick. It comes with her age, I guess. I’m just worried because I’m not been able to take care of her. I’ll just do the best I can to help out. She once told me that her knees hurt sometimes. I might buy joint supplements for her knees. I’m just grateful that my brother, Alex takes good care of her and Aunts and cousin Lainy keeps me updated with my Mom’s health. I hope I can find a replacement job that will enable me to take care of my Mom at the same time in the future.

My Brother Is Now A Registered Nurse!

It’s going to be double celebration on my homecoming this March! Other than my Mom’s birthday, we’re also celebrating my brother’s success! Florante was one of the few who passed the Nursing Board Exam which he took sometime in November last year.

Mark was the one who informed me about the great news . Like them, I was sooo happy for my brother! He have lots of options this time to find a job. He might as well practice his profession since he’s already a Registered Nurse!

Florante and his son, Brandon

Congratulations again brother dear!

Favorite Aunt…

My groovy Aunt Rose is the youngest among 12 siblings. I have mentioned in some posts that she and my mom are sisters. Both of them have big voices but my mom’s voice is a bit louder actually especially when she want to be heard.

Anyway, my aunt Rose is one of my mentors in my singing career when I was still singing with Kuerdas band. She won’t hesitate to tell me if I did something wrong on stage, sometimes tell me what outfit to wear on stage does or doesn’t look good on me. She kind of educated me about the do’s and don’ts of wearing make up. She also suggest beauty regimen for me. She’s really groovy, isn’t she?

My Aunt is turning 50 this May, but she still look young and pretty. Maybe she uses some anti-wrinkle cream like strivectin, I really don’t know. I have to ask. LOL! Or maybe because of her positive attitude that kept her look young? She’s actually one of my favorite aunts. I’m just lucky to have such a nice yet groovy aunt, don’t I?

Inherited Sickness…

My groovy aunt – Rose who’s the stage mom of Kuerdas, and my Mom are sisters. That made me, Lainy and the boys – Jayson and Mark first cousins. We mostly inherited a lot of traits from our moms – being funny, thoughtful, well, a lot positive traits actually.

The negative trait we got are our being sickly. I have posted articles on my own blog about being sickly. Lainy also have her posts of being sickly too and have to put blogging on the side to get well. Jayson is actually asthmatic and have to be absent on some of their gigs because of the asthma attacks.

Our moms’ side have weak lungs. They said it came all the way from our grandmother whom they took care when they were still young. My mom have already been treated for tuberculosis and currently have asthma. I also have the same diagnosis but was already treated. The asthma part, I have to find out this week. My mom have also gone through hemorrhoids treatment some years ago. That part is quite scary for me. I hope I won’t inherit that sickness! Lol!

I am a bit disappointed with these negative traits that we inherited but it’s still our fault that we get sickly, though. We haven’t been too careful of our healths lately. I hope we can manage stress and be more careful this time so that we won’t get sick anymore.

We Are Family

When we were younger, I was with the band back then, I always remember the boys’ naughtiness. They like teasing each other. Making fun at someone’s mistakes and just being jerk sometimes. When I gained weight, they used to tease me because of my bulging tummy. I used to end up crying because sometimes their teasing gets too much already. What can I do when I can’t afford to buy fat burners? I eat too much and don’t exercise which was my fault. Then they would all be sorry when they realizes their teasing had already offended me. We ended up doing open forums and it’s when we get to talk about things that we should and should not be doing since we’re all becoming adults already. It always end well anyway. That’s how we are just like brothers and sisters. We are family.