Top 10 EntreCard Droppers for December 2008

Make way for the notorious Top Droppers of this blog for the month that was. This will be the last time this blog can recognize all your efforts because it has already been deleted from the EntreCard community yesterday. It has been great sailing with you all and this blog’s journey won’t be that exciting if not for you. I truly am grateful! Blogging will continue for Kuerdas even without EntreCard and please stand by for more of Kuerdas soon.

Dropper # of drops
The Sewing Mom 31 31
A Simple Life 31
Mommy’s Little Corner 31
Beaker’s 3 Dimensions 31
this is so me 31
Random Ramblings 31
The Modern Mom 31
The Ad Master 31
moms….. check nyo 31

To this blog’s Top Droppers, a million THANK YOU’s for never failing to drop your card each and everyday of December. Though I know it will be the last time you will see of this blog in your inbox, I hope you can still make your way through here even without EntreCard.

Top 25 EntreCard Droppers for October

Time flies really fast. It’s now the 11th month of the year and before we know it it’s the year 2009. Before we start the new month, let me give due recognition to the Top 25 Droppers of this blog for the Month of October. The link love is not directed to the EntreCard site but to the Top Droppers’ blog, thus giving them full acknowledgment for their time and effort of never failing to drop their cards here.
Dropper # of drops
Random Ramblings 31
The Ad Master 31
My Point Of View 31
cheapdanny 31
Everything Under the Sun 30
The Success 30
Babette’s Definitely Maybe! 30
HRM Business Practices and Notes 30
My Daily Discourse 30
Lofty Matters 3o

thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

EntreCard Failure

Just like yesterday, while doing my daily drops, I couldn’t open the EntreCard inbox. I am still not done dropping cards for this blog. It is too frustrating! Yesterday, I wasn’t able to drop cards for my fourth blog because of similar problem. I thought it’s only my server acting up again but a friend confirmed to me that indeed, EntreCard is having some problems. I hope everything will return to normal soon as I am getting itchy to have my drops completed to 300, haha! That’s even with me suffering from stiffneck, huh!

Top 10 Advertising Sites for September

I would like to especially thank the Top 10 Advertising Sites for the month that was. More than the approval of purchase for advert slots, they gave this blog huge hits which guaranteed blog’s promotion at it’s best.

Widget shown on # of clicks
Leet Gallery 150
Singaporean in London 136
Work at Home Mom Revolution 118
cooking with kuting 117
Pinoy Gaming World 113
Z-Car 113
My Kawaii LIFE 80
Blogs To Note 69
Authority Directory 68
From the Eyes of my Heart 65