Side A Band Live in GenSan!

Yes Siree!
One of the best bands in the country is coming down to GenSan on July 17, 2009! Side A popularized and immortalized the songs Forevermore, Until Then, Only You, Tell Me, Umagang Kay Ganda, So Many Questions, just to name a few.
If Eraserheads are considered to be the Beattles of the Philippines, Side A band, on the other hand, is the country’s equivalent of Toto. The band is known for popularizing soft rock music.
The event is in line with the celebration of Yaman GenSan 2009, a month-long celebration of various business activities which will give highlight to the city’s small-medium entrepreneurs.
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The David Pomeranz Concert Experience!

Last night, February 14, was the most awaited night for me, my mother and some blogger friends who joined the David Pomeranz contest at the Bariles site. Getting free tickets for the contest was indeed one of the reasons to be happy and excited. I prepared myself rather early, but my mother, being always the late comer that she is to any occasions, did quite a few things before preparing herself, so we arrived at the concert venue at 8pm.
I was a little surprised to see the audience getting a little impatient for the show to start when we arrived. We looked for a comfortable seat in the airconditioned venue. While impatiently waiting, I could hear too many people murmuring their annoyance. Since ours were only complimentary tickets, we just held our silence and waited. Nobody was entertaining us while waiting for David to come out. No frontact performers. No nothing. We were really feeling sleepy by then.
It was about 9PM when finally, two emcees began to entertain the audience with some games. I don’t know if being seated in the General admission side of the benches made things inaudible and we had a hard time understanding what was happening below on stage. We could hardly hear the words uttered by the emcees. The microphones were echoing too loudly on our ears! Lots of people I could hear were very annoyed this time. They wanted David to come out and wouldn’t want to have more of the emcess. ¬†Personally, I wasn’t expecting that the show will kick off that late because the performer is an American.
What made everything worse was the preparation of the organizers. I am really sorry but the General Santos City Government wasn’t able to satisfy the paying public who were expecting so highly of this show because it was widely and extensively publicized. I am speaking¬†from the perspective of the people I have heard complaining beside me, people seated at my back and everywhere around me. It was nothing like a real concert. Some even mumbled that they should have stayed home and slept than be bored to death! The only concert that appealed to me was the Bamboo concert here in GenSan. The MSU Alumni, the organizers of the said event, did a very great job!
Well, back to David Pomeranz. Everyone was on party mood when the International singer finally came out and serenaded everyone with his popular song Got to Believe in Magic. David Pomeranz actually did a superb performance in the entire duration of his show. If not for David’s terrific performance, our Valentines Night could have been entirely ruined!