Also Members of INC

I am a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo for years now. So are Jayson, Mark and Dexter. We used to go to church together when I was back in GenSan. We have big churches all over the country and even abroad. Some may even built as metal buildings.

Before being baptized as Iglesia Ni Cristo when I was in college, I was asked about my membership in Kuerdas band during the final interview. The interviewer thought that being in the band may cause conflict with the Church. That I might end up giving up my religion for my career which did not happen.

I have been baptized and still a member of the Church until now and actually will be an INC for the rest of my life. I love the Church that I and my family belong to. In fact, when I was back in GenSan, Jayson, Mark, Dexter and I even go to Church together even if we lack sleep because of our gigs. We believe that it’s where we find strength and peace of mind and it’s always nice to be able to thank God and give him praise for all the blessings he provide us.

I will be an Iglesia Ni Cristo until the end!