Dancing For Cebu Inmates Suspended

Dancing of the famous Cebu City inmates have been suspended. It’s such a terrible news, isn’t it?

Cebu City Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia put on hold the dancing in public of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) inmates because of the arising speculations about where the donations for inmates have gone.

The inmates have become famous when their video for Michael Jackson’s song “Thriller” was posted in Youtube on 2007. They have become even more famous when Michael Jackson’s choreographer danced with them last month for MJ’s “This Is It” album. Their admirers have provided donations for them which were supposed to go to the inmates’ bank accounts. Apparently, there have been rumors that the money have gone somewhere else. Poor inmates. Now they have become victims of corruption.

I hope this is going to be straightened out sooner. Dancing is the thing that may have changed the inmates’ lives. I hope they give the credit to whom the credit is due. These government officials have never learned!