What Is A Wakeboard Storage For?

My younger brother is the lead vocals with his music Band, Kuerdas and he has always been a big sports enthusiast. He is unbelievably such a sucker for all kinds of sports such as skim boarding, paragliding, basketball, and lots more.

Getting ready for the fly of his life
All set for paragliding! ;-)
Take off!
Now I am nervous!
Geez! Now it’s all clouds!
Up, up and away!
I need to go down and puke! Pleaseeee!
Success! The little guy with the pilot 😉

Somehow, it is quite hard to believe that he is such because of his diminutive size and being thin, all of which goes against what one would expect of a sports enthusiast. Besides, I am so used to seeing him only when he sings on stage for Kuerdas gigs. :-)

Perhaps one of the explanations for wakeboarding and snowboarding that he would so love to do but has not had the opportunity of doing is obviously due to our tropical climate here. Our climate here does not offer him to engage in that kind of sports. If he is given the chance, I know he would not allow that opportunity to pass without indulging in those types of action sports.

For those who might not be aware what wakeboarding is, it is a water sport and it is like skiing on water but the person uses a board to skim over water while being pulled by a powerful speed boat. Snowboarding is over snow instead of water.

Photo grabbed

My brother finds both these sports very interesting because it is another challenging way though different from skim boarding. He owns a skim board. He saved every dime from his regular gigs to be able to purchase one. But for now, I believe his ultimate wish is to own a wakeboard and for sure, he is going to need a wakeboard storage for that.

Wakeboard storage rack: Photo grabbed

For those who are already into wakeboarding and snowboarding, ultimately they need larger space to store their equipment and gears. In my brother’s case, the storage room will be an alternative solution but he needs to clean it up and dispose of unneeded items to make room for his sports equipment.

However, knowing my brother, I am sure he’d find a way to create space for a dedicated wakeboard rack. These wakeboard racks are just fantastic. It will make room for all the equipment to be stored and maintained for prolonged use. As early as now, I am sure my brother already found his way for the best solution to protect his sports equipment and gears and for easy access whenever he needs one for his indulgence in outdoor fun and excitement.

The First Cut is the Deepest

Undeniably, The First Cut is the Deepest by Sheryl Crow is one of my personal faves.

But this time, I wanna share with you all the rendition of the former female lead vocals of Kuerdas, no less than my cousin Ally of In the Eyes of the Beholder

It has been quite a while since I last saw her perform on stage live. It’s so refreshing to once again see her hold that guitar and sing.

Kuerdas On Strike!

Seeing by the look on the faces of the Kuerdas Band members (except for one who was showing off his cute smile for the cam), they mean serious business.

What are they up to this time?

I’ve heard they went on strike to fight for love and peace. They also were fighting for their rights and their freedom.

Enough is enough!

Funny Photo

I have been laughing my heart out seeing a photo of the Kuerdas main vocals. He loves to publish at his FB account funny photos of him. It could be that he wants to cheer up people or most probably he just loves to make fun of himself, hahaha!

You gotta see it to believe it!


Kuerdas Is No Fugitive!

Don’t get me wrong, folks! Kuerdas Band members have not involved themselves in any crimes. I am actually speaking about Asolo Fugitive. It is a hiking boots for men which I think will be perfect for the Kuerdas Band members whenever they feel inclined to go hiking, just like me. Hahaha!

I have been telling the Kuerdas Band major that it is high time for him to look after his health. He is asthmatic like me but he has not really given his health a top priority. A thirty minute walk at the park every morning would be perfect for his health. I have done it by my lonesome and I felt I am in my healthiest form. I haven’t been consistent though but if ever there’s one thing I can recommend to anyone, it’s going to be hiking :-)

The Youngest Jammer at the Kuerdas Gig

It has been ages since I last saw Kuerdas Band perform on stage. I led a pretty laid back life when I was out of blogging.

I had the opportunity to see them perform on stage once again last Saturday at the SM City Gensan’s Al Fresco Strip. It was only a coincidence when I did my grocery shopping at the time. So I took the chance to pass by the Al Fresco Strip and watched them for a while.

It wasn’t too crowded because of the heavy downpour. However, the crowd felt ecstatic when one audience was encouraged by his friends to render some reggae songs.

The youngest jammer on stage

It’s not everytime when I see an audience from the crowd who gets hold of the microphone and connects with the audience. I believe the lad was about 13 to 14 years old but he got that style and yes, he got the voice too! I can say he will go a long way.

His supportive parents hugged him when he came down on stage. Whoever you are, keep honing your passion for music and one day, we will see you on stage again!

Favorite Place To Rehearse And Hang Out

When I was with Kuerdas Band, we used to rehearse at Jayson’s house. Sometimes there wasn’t enough space that we have to rent a music studio so we can practice our pieces for our gigs. It’s costly. Unlike in the U.S. that bands out there commonly began playing at their garage, some may even have a bigger steel building garage where they also do their demos. But here in the Philippines, common people, like us, don’t have cars so there weren’t a lot of garages to rehearse at.

We  were contented rehearsing at Jayson’s place anyway. Not only that, it’s the band’s favorite place to hang out.

I miss those rehearsals and hang outs all of a sudden. 😀


Upon Gaining Weight Rants

I have not worked out since last year. I just didn’t enroll myself for workout sessions anymore. I don’t think I can still afford that, I guess. Besides, I won’t be able to have time to hit the gym with my busy schedule anymore. Or maybe I just become lazy of working out.

Now I gained 53 kilos from the 49 kilos I worked so hard for last year. My tummy is bulging, most of my clothes won’t fit anymore and I really have a hard time putting myself in a diet. I might as well check this site out: http://www.shoppharmacycounter.com/t-Adipex-Medicine.aspx which tells about Adipex diet pills. How it works even if at rest. Interesting, isn’t it?

If it still is not going to work, I will have to find time to do some exercises at home instead. That is if I’m not too lazy enough to do it. :)


Making Use Of The Crappy Earphone

I like listening to music with my new phone. Although I don’t have enough songs saved on my playlist, what is important for me is that I’m able to listen to my favorite FM stations. In that way, I can get updated with new songs these days.

The songs sounded even more nice when I plug in my earphones. I thought I can use them when making calls, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. The accessory was part of my purchase of the new phone but it’s seems to be crappy lately. I’m checking out a Sena SMH10 which I think works better than what I have right now. I might purchase one when this earphones I have won’t work anymore.

For now, I’ll content myself with the crappy accessory.


A New Phone After 4 years!

Before I went home for vacation, I bought myself a new phone! An Android phone, it is! I was so happy when I was already using it that I tend to forget about being with my Kido that day. LOL! I just can’t take my hands off of it!

LG E-400

It’s already complete with accessories when I bought it but I’m still thinking about checking out in ear headphones and see if I can purchase something better than the one I have right now.

I’m still getting the hang of it. I keep downloading apps especially if I get a free Wi-Fi service. The last time I bought myself a phone was 4 years ago. That long! I’m not really into updating gadgets that why. 😀

For now, I’m pretty satisfied with the phone. My next plan is to save for a new laptop in replacement to what was stolen months back. I hope I’d be able to purchase one before the end of the year. So help me, God. 😀