Thank You, Windy!

I finally have the new desktop I have purchased from Windy. I had the best offer and indeed, it’s the best purchase I ever had! I still have to explore the basics. I got amazed on the features of the desktop. It is not the ordinary one that you would often see that’s up for sale. I still have to know though if remote data backup is provided.

I feel so excited using it and do my online tasks uninterrupted when the pc acts up on me. Now this will elevate my blogging journey to quantum leap. I owe Windy so much for this.

Kuerdas: Resident Band @ Windmill on the Hill

If there’s someone who deserves so much accolade and adoration for giving life to this blog, it would be Windmill of Windmill on the Hill. Since Kuerdas’ deletion at EntreCard, he never fails to take a peek at this blog day in and day out, which obviously kept this blog alive and kicking!

And here’s more! 

On February 12, 2009, he declared that Kuerdas shall be his blog’s resident band! YAY! He even placed the Kuerdas avatar at his blog’s sidebar!

Isn’t that cool and wonderful?
Thank you so much, Windy for being such a sweet blogger friend that you are! I owe you so much! 

Thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

Home Is Where the Heart Is

On a morning breakfast show today, some tips for the best selection of condominiums that abound in the metropolis were laid down byt he show’s host. These condominiuns were especially established to make people’s home closer to where everything is- shopping, leisure, work, school, church and oudoors. The aim of these developers is for people to attain quality of life by making the most of their time. Less travel for them and more quality time for themselves and their families. 

The condos that were presented on the show were all classy and elegant fully furnished with appliances and patio furniture covers. Now I wonder if I could ever afford to live in such kind of house by saving enough blogging money. How many years would it take me saving up enough dime?

I have always dreamt of owning my own house with a bigger space for landscape. I do not want a grand one. I want just the simple one where there is enough space for everyone. I have actually partially purchased a lot in the neighboring village. It is still not fully paid but I envision my own house built there one day. 

Passionate Blogger Award

If there is one person I’d like to commend for keeping this blog breathing and alive since this blog’s deletion from Entrecard, it’s got to be Windmill of Windmill on the Hill. He never gets tired of giving Kuerdas a boost and never fails to visit Kuerdas day in and day out.
And here’s more.
Kuerdas became a recipient of this beautiful Passionate Blogger Award.

A million THANK YOU’s, Windy! May God bless you more and more everyday. Stay healthy always!
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