New Rasta-Inspired Lay-Out for Kuerdas!

It has been actually about two weeks since my very pretty friend Ivy of the Designer’s Chic  finally completed this blog’s layout. It took her a long time to make a final layout for Kuerdas because layouts of this kind is obviously out of her comfort zone, hehe! She wasn’t in the mood to complete the design not until she found an image that looked suitable for this blog’s header which she eventually purchased.
The Kuerdas Band major instructed me to put in some “rasta” aura and ambiance since Kuerdas’ genre is reggae. So we decided to pick the colors red, yellow and green, the trademark of rastamen. I know the colors looked too flashy but what can I do? It’s what they want for this blog’s lay out so I have to just agree with them, hehe! 
I thank my friend Ivy for putting up with me and for coming up with this reggae-inspired layout.