Bringing Gifts On Birthday Party Gigs

Other than big events like street parties in GenSan, Kuerdas Band get a lot of invitations to play for birthday parties. Those parties are mostly Hawaiian or luau type of parties where the band plays there reggae repertoire. And most of the time, the venue is in a poolside or seaside. When I was with the band, I always love it when we play by the sea. I love singing with the boys and at the same time, I was feeling the sea breeze and hear the waves touching the shore. People at the same time can’t help but dance to every song that the we played on the rest of the show. For me, reggae music is best played on a beach venue.

Anyway, since the band got a lot of bookings for birthday parties, I don’t think whenever they were invited to play, they also bring gifts to the birthday celebrants. Bringing gifts is not a bad idea, isn’t it? Even if it’s not as costly or if they have RedEnvelope coupon codes that they can use to buy discounted yet presentable gifts online. The birthday celebrant might invite them again to play on the next birthday celebration. It’s a good idea, isn’t it? :)

My Attendance to the First Ever Virtual Party

I feel excited to be attending the first virtual party that’s happening right here and now in the blogosphere! It’s an honor to have been invited for this happy occasion. This is in celebration of Karen Chayne‘s burpday.


Whatta grand way to celebrate it yeah?! I used to do this for some special friends in the past but this is gonna be the first time that I am doing this in a huge group like BB.

Oh well! I was in a hurry to find my cocktail dress for the occasion and look what I’ve found:

I have actually worn this in my brother’s wedding last April and this is the second time that I am wearing this, hehehe!

I haven’t forgotten about the delish and yummy Filipino foods. I am sure it’s gotta be an occasion of love affair with my taste buds, LOL!

I am presenting to you my own version of Dinakdakan. This is an Ilokano food which I tried to experiment on my brother’s birthday a few weeks back. Now I got the chance to do it a second time, LOL!

Dinakdakan for you and me!

And here’s the big surprise. Since this is going to be a huge celebration, I deemed it best to sponsor for the live performance of my brother’s band, KUERDAS equipped with sound system and lights. They are gonna be performing on stage live for free, hahaha! How is that for a celebration?

Kuerdas Band on Stage! Party! Party!

This is definitely a birthday party filled with fun and excitement. I hope Karen will have a memorable one.

Have a grand birthday, Karen!


Happy Birthday, Agustin Yu!

This is a special post to greet Kuerdas Band’s lead guitarist, Agustin Yu, fondly known as Teng-Teng on his very special day. He has been with the band since its formation.
On his birthday today, the band wishes him all the best things in life.
To you Teng, may you have a blessed birthday ever!

SMB Nite Cafe with Kuerdas

Kuerdas is inviting all Generals to come party with them tonight, May 1, 8pm at the Tiongson Arcade, Lagao famously known as Antipolo Barbeque Station. San Miguel Beer is hosting the said event, which incidentally is my mother’s birthday! Quite a handful of my mother’s relatives are here and they are staying the night to go watch Kuerdas live! 

More pics soon! 

Kuerdas Band Major’s Birthday Today

Today is Jay Son’s birthday. He is the Kuerdas Band Major and is in charge of all Kuerdas schedules, professional fees, and stuffs like that. Today is a very special day for him. But since we already had celebrated his birthday ahead of time. we will just content ourselves of going to the Thursday Worship Service altogether. It was so very unfortunate that after the pre-celebration of his birthday, he was diagnosed to have pneumonia.

Well, if ever there are things I wanna wish him on his birthday, it’s good health, long life, endless love, more blessings and a bright future ahead of him. He isn’t getting any younger and he needs to reflect on what he really wants to happen with his life.

The family will always be behind him. To my brother Jay Son, whatever it is that you are wishing for, you are wished all that and a whole lot more!


Below are some pics during his pre-birthday celebration: