Jayson Came Face-to-Face With Joey Ayala

Guess what??? Joey Ayala was in GenSan last July 30th! He did a Song Writing Workshop at the Robinson’s Place.

Joey Ayala is a contemporary pop music artist in the Philippines. He is well known for his style of music that combines the sounds of Filipino ethnic instruments with modern pop music. *(excerpt from wiki)*

Joey Ayala is Jayson’s all-time favorite artist. He has been listening to his songs since we were kids. And Joey Ayala’s songs were one of the first songs he sang in the theater and the bands. Joey is Jayson’s idol! And he came face to face with him at the workshop! Isn’t that great? I can just imagine how happy Jayson was during the workshop!

The Man - Joey Ayala
Jayson all smiles with his idol

Joey Ayala is a big influence in Jayson’s music. His music will always be an inspiration to Jayson, to Kuerdas band and every aspiring local musicians in Mindanao!



Xylie – A Musician Like Dad

Jayson, the band major, is a known musician in GenSan. He doesn’t only play the guitars, he also play some other music instruments like the Djembe. Well guess what? It looks like the little Morning Dew is learning to play it at a very young age!

As he grow up, we are all certain that he’s also going to learn to play the guitar and sing like his Dad and Uncle Mark. And when he’s old enough to play the strings, I bet he’s going to ask his Dad or Aunt Lainy to buy him an ibanez 7 string. He will definitely become a great guitar player if he’s got one of those! 😀


Jayson Saving For Xyle’s Future

Jayson’s son, Xyle, is growing up really fast. He’s about 7 months old now and I actually haven’t seen this nephew of mine in person. I just content myself seeing pictures of him in Facebook posted by his Aunt Lainy and his Mom and Dad. My cousin Jayson seem to be having fun being a great father to his first child. He better enjoy every growing up stages of his son. Soon he will not only think about the milk and food for his baby. He will also think about his first son’s education and school playground. 😀 It’s better if he start saving for it early, right?


A Fallback For Jayson and Mark

My cousins, the band leader – Jay Son and the main vocalist, Mark were members of the band for years now. They have been through a lot through the years yet the band is still standing still and becoming even more popular in the province. I am proud of my cousins maintenaing the status of the band but sometimes I worry for them. They are not getting any younger and I know that they are aware that the band will not forever popular expecially when they will get older. What I’m saying is, I would want them to have some other sources of income so that whatever will happen, they will still have something to fall back at.

My cousins are not only talented. I believe they have other skills that they can boast about. We haven’t seen each other for more a year now. I would love to hear what other plans they have for their future. Who knows? Jay Son might consider an online yoga certification and teach yoga in GenSan. That won’t be impossible, right?

I hope to go home sometime soon and would be able to chat with these favorite cousins of mine. :)

Kuerdas Band Major Still Confined at the Hospital

As I have written at my other blog, Our Journey to Forever, There Is No Equation for Suffering. The Kuerdas Band Major is still at the hospital since his confinement last Friday night. He is looked after by a urologist and an endocrinologist to put his UTI and blood sugar in check.

I can see how remorseful my brother is for neglecting his own health. Now he will have to suffer the consequences for not doing exercises everyday and for not keeping watch of his diet. Now I am sure he wouldn’t want to have those excesses to regain back his health.

While he was admitted at the hospital, the band have not cancelled their regular gigs. For the first time, they performed without the presence of their Band Major.

Well, they’ve got no choice. The show must continue while he is on his way to recovery.