Jayson Came Face-to-Face With Joey Ayala

Guess what??? Joey Ayala was in GenSan last July 30th! He did a Song Writing Workshop at the Robinson’s Place.

Joey Ayala is a contemporary pop music artist in the Philippines. He is well known for his style of music that combines the sounds of Filipino ethnic instruments with modern pop music. *(excerpt from wiki)*

Joey Ayala is Jayson’s all-time favorite artist. He has been listening to his songs since we were kids. And Joey Ayala’s songs were one of the first songs he sang in the theater and the bands. Joey is Jayson’s idol! And he came face to face with him at the workshop! Isn’t that great? I can just imagine how happy Jayson was during the workshop!

The Man - Joey Ayala
Jayson all smiles with his idol

Joey Ayala is a big influence in Jayson’s music. His music will always be an inspiration to Jayson, to Kuerdas band and every aspiring local musicians in Mindanao!



Unforgettable Laughs Caught On Cam

We were sailing on a boat, already having fun when all of a sudden I dropped my bottle of C2. I had a hard time bending that time so Mark bent over for me and went after the bottled C2 which took him almost to the edge of the boat. We were laughing so loud, out tummies hurt. Haha! I can always remember that moment.

I wish we can do this again. Laughing a lot and having so much fun together with the rest of the gang. 😀



Brothers Doing Things Together

Jayson and Mark do a lot of things together since they were children. Mark pretty much looks up to his brother and basically also does all the things that his big brother does. I remember when we were young and have family gatherings, after Jayson sings a sons, Mark’s would always get everyone’s attention and sing his own rendition of songs even as a little boy. That’s the reason, I guess, that they both ended up being band mates right now. 😀 Although Mark has some other talents that his big doesn’t have. Like carpentry and he likes fixing electrical stuff. If he gets the opportunity, I bet he’s also going to be good at mechanical stuffs. He could be good at replacing machines with bolts, studs and t nuts. Well, I don’t think he still have time for that though. I guess he just wanted to focus on his singing career and fix music instruments with his big brother. 😀



I’m going to sing an acoustic version of this song on Saturday! 😀 I’ll be performing on our team building. I’m excited! The song is pretty challenging since the “rapping” part isn’t my thing. But I’m getting it! LOL! I hope someone will record a video of my version.

Anyway, here’s for Music Monday: Borkenhearted by Karmin.

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Favorite Cover Photo

I have blogged about this photo before. It being one of my favorite photo covers of Kuerdas. They all looked fresh and handsome her. LOL! They looked like they came out of a facial spa, had a mud mask put on their faces and then the result! Or is it because of the lights used by the photographer? I haven’t really asked. It doesn’t matter coz they all look gorgeous here. I hope they’d keep posting more photos like this. 😀



KZ Tandingan On X-Factor Philippines

I just saw this on my cousin’s post on Facebook. I just can’t help but let you all know that we also have a talent like this here in the Philippines! She’s KZ Tandingan, she just surprised everybody who watched the X-Factor Franchise for the Philippines with her amazing talent!

She won everyone’s heart indeed! What a talent!


This Month’s Goal: Purchase A 2nd Hand Laptop

I’ve been asking friends around to help me find a 2nd-hand laptop. I’ve been wanting to purchase one because I’m having a hard time going online on internet cafes. It’s so uncomfortable especially when there are a lot of kids cussing around while they’re playing games online. I can’t wright quality posts whenever I update mine and Lainy’s blogs.

I really miss going online in the comforts of my room. I can check the status of my Facebook account anytime I want and update my blogs frequently. I also need to start looking for home-based jobs online in preparation for my homecoming. When I get settled back home, I’ll try to educate myself about computers so that I would learn how to speed up my computer on my own. Or being able to fix it when it becomes crappy. I won’t have to hire someone else to make my it work.

There are just a lot of things I can do with my own laptop. Hopefully I can buy a less expensive 2nd-hand laptop before this month ends. 😀


Time To Jammin, Time To SarBay!

Sarangani Bay Festival is held annually (this year was held on May 18 and 19) at the white sands of Gumasa, Glan Sarangani Province. Kuerdas has been part of it, like the usual. It’s an ultimate Summer Beach Adventure that I’m hoping to be part of next year.

These photos were take on during the SarBay Fest.



Xylie – A Musician Like Dad

Jayson, the band major, is a known musician in GenSan. He doesn’t only play the guitars, he also play some other music instruments like the Djembe. Well guess what? It looks like the little Morning Dew is learning to play it at a very young age!

As he grow up, we are all certain that he’s also going to learn to play the guitar and sing like his Dad and Uncle Mark. And when he’s old enough to play the strings, I bet he’s going to ask his Dad or Aunt Lainy to buy him an ibanez 7 string. He will definitely become a great guitar player if he’s got one of those! 😀


Favorite Place To Rehearse And Hang Out

When I was with Kuerdas Band, we used to rehearse at Jayson’s house. Sometimes there wasn’t enough space that we have to rent a music studio so we can practice our pieces for our gigs. It’s costly. Unlike in the U.S. that bands out there commonly began playing at their garage, some may even have a bigger steel building garage where they also do their demos. But here in the Philippines, common people, like us, don’t have cars so there weren’t a lot of garages to rehearse at.

We  were contented rehearsing at Jayson’s place anyway. Not only that, it’s the band’s favorite place to hang out.

I miss those rehearsals and hang outs all of a sudden. 😀