Business Suggestion For The Band

Most of the boys in the band are already married and have kids of their own. I think it’s only my cousin, Mark, the main vocalist who’s still single right now.

They’re all getting older already. :) They seem to have plenty of bookings and I know how they are paid as a band. However, to the guys who have a family to raise, the talent fees they get from the band is for sure, not enough to feed their families. I know some of them have an 8-hour job that they juggle with their gigs. That for sure helped them with the expenses at home. Some are lucky enough to have their own businesses.

For me, it’s better that they have even just small businesses because it’s not easy to be working an 8-hour shift and play on gigs during the night. Their health is always compromised. I hope they will be able to think of a business like making log furniture and make it big in the future. They will be able to manage their time with the business and the band without compromising their health.

I better make that suggestion to my cousin, Jason. :)