Return of Investment

Kuerdas Band is back in town after a couple of months’ stint to the world renowned tourist attraction in the world, Island of Boracay. After getting some good rest, the Band Major made up some lost time to his family. Meanwhile, the Kuerdas Lead Vocals took the effort of cleaning our mothers’ house; it was uninhabited when she left for Australia in March.

He also made sure to check his sound system gadgets especially the speaker cable. As you know, he ventured into a small-scale sound system for hire business.

I hope he can make some good money out of it.It was no small investment and like any other business venture, he sure need some returns.

Kuerdas Band Beginnings- A Recollection

For every journey, there is always a beginning.

For Kuerdas Band, it all began with a song.

Hiling ng Bayan Ko was an original composition which was their entry to a song writing competition.

Kuerdas Band had always been known to be competitive. They started out to compete as neophytes. They joined song writing competitions and band competitions. It was never new to them.

And so was losing. They lost out in the Kadsangal Songwriting Competition 11 years ago. They emerged only fourth place. But it was only the beginning for them.


Kuerdas Band was formed from then on and the rest is history.