Ready for the Challenge

I find diptyque candle appealing. I am not into scented candles and things like that but I am looking into exploring my options and that sort of candle caught my fancy.

Our weekends recently are filled with window shopping (LOL) for some home essentials and little baby stuff. It’s gonna be a long haul for us but we are ready to take on any challenge headstrong for our little family.


I am a proud sister who felt the need to publish this blogpost in honor of the Director of the film entitled Karangalan which was an official entry to the Iglesia ni Cristo’s Excellence in Visual Media Centennial Edition. They were lucky and blessed enough to have been chosen in the top 20 amongst the 120 entries across the globe.

The Film Director is none other than my younger brother who is also the Kuerdas Band Major.

Unknown to many, he had been exposed to the world of arts and theatre when he was in high school and had even performed to different places across the country. His exposures were such a feat.

Film making on the other hand is a varied and alien field for a budding director like him. He related to me that he had to do a lot of research for the project to materialize.

On October 31 was the Awards Night which was held at the Philippine Arena. Karangalan bagged two major awards namely: Best in Production Design and Best in Costume Design respectively.

They were nominees for the following awards:

Best in Promoting Christian Values
Best in Cinematography
Best in Script
Best in Editing
Best Director

My brother came up the stage to accept the award for the Best In Costume Design. It was clear that he was overwhelmed before the humongous crowd (50,000?) and was close to being speechless. I was told he went to the Philippine Arena without any expectations in his heart at all, thus the unprepared speech. Hahaha! He pulled it through nicely nonetheless.

Obviously overwhelmed before a jam-packed crowd at the Philippine Arena
Obviously overwhelmed before a jam-packed crowd at the Philippine Arena


For a beginner, it is quite a feat to make it to Top 3! I suppose next year will be an even better year.

Kudos to the Church Administration for coming up with this endeavour.

I vividly recalled in one of my chats with my brother that he considers it his way of sharing his God-given gifts to the Church in the realms of arts, music, and theatre. Indeed, his effort and personal sacrifices paid off.

Congratulations Cotabato South and the entire cast of Karangalan! We are proud of you! Praises and glory be unto God!