Little Musician

The Kuerdas Band major’s son who is my nephew is so into guitar. We have watched him playing a toy guitar and I could only gape in amazement on how he cleverly mimics his dad. LOL!

I could only wonder if one day he would be able to play kurt cobain fender just like the famous musicians around. He certainly showed some potentials. He is indeed such a cutie!

Kuerdas Band as a Group

Undoubtedly, the Kuerdas website is the haven for anything about Kuerdas Band and of course, anything about music, gadgets, shows, gigs and yeah, compressor 4.

For a musically inclined group of young musicians, their passion for their own genre grows when they know more about each other. Deeper understanding of and from each others’ experiences is what makes Kuerdas Band vary from any other musical groups. Believing in their own talents and gifts and helping others to grow in their own kind of music is what makes Kuerdas Band to stick together not only as a musical group but as friends and they do treat each other like their own family.

Back in Action!

After their two month gig in the world renowned tourist destination Boracay Island, Kuerdas Band had been back in circulation at their own turf- SOCSARGEN. A couple of shows every now and then, here and there, had kept them going.

This blog might not be updated but I am looking to throw in some pictures of Kuerdas Band and what keeps them going in my next publications and try to make it up.

I wish I have the luxury of time to keep this blog going. However, I will try my best to do so as long as my time permits.

Till then!