Kuerdas Band at Pasko Sa Gensan 2013 Opening Salvo

On December 17, 2013, Kuerdas Band, et al graced the stage once more as they performed their original compositions in celebration of Christmas in the event dubbed “Paskuhan sa Gensan.”

The original songs were originally composed by the Kuerdas Band major, Jay Son Ugbaniel. The songs featured how Christmas is hyped and celebrated in Gensan. In fact, it is a yearly occurrence and funded by the Local Government of General Santos.

They performed their two most sterling compositions: Kampeon ang Pasko sa Gensan and Pasko sa Gensan.

Below were the snaps from the event and the photos were grabbed from the Paskuhan sa Gensan Facebook Page:








Real Musicality for Trumpet Blowers

Undoubtedly, trumpet mutes is something essential for Kuerdas Band because of their chosen genre.

Trumpets are very crucial for the reggae and ska genre. The upbeat and danceable melodies is brought about mainly by the sound of the trumpets.

Trumpet blowing requires not only the know-how but real musicality as well. It’s not just about the act of blowing but have the real passion and love for a certain craft.

Pasko Sa Gensan 2012 Jingle

Kuerdas Band Major, Jay Son Ugbaniel, was once more tapped to compose a Christmas Jingle for the Generals. This is in celebration of “Paskuhan sa Gensan” spearheaded by the Department of Education.

There was very little time to accomplish the job but he pulled it through just the same.

Have a listen on the Christmas Jingle:

The Little Kuerdas Vocals

It gave me an idea to publish about the Kuerdas vocals when he published on his FB account a photo of him when he graduated in Preschool. He made it his entry for the Throwback Thursday meme.

Who would have ever thought that this little man can get so big on stage when he does the rasta dance?

Thos were the days: The Kuerdas vocals
Those were the days: The Kuerdas vocals

Would you believe it? He went up on stage for his preschool graduation with the “Most Behaved” award.

According to him, he was dubbed as such because everytime the teacher asked him to recite infront of the class, he was way too shy and he can never give an answer, thus the Most Behaved award.


Crazy, yeah?

But I guess that’s what he is! He’s nuts most of the time but I think he is the best too in his own craft.

El Ritmo Mondo Summer Party Series: Bohemian Reggae Weekend

Kuerdas Band once more starred at the 2nd Night of the El Ritmo Mondo Summer Party Series: Bohemian Reggae Weekend at the Fountain Court of SM City General Santos on May 3 & 4, 2013.

Pardon the procrastination but this is a rather delayed posting of their previous gigs.

Bohemian Reggae Party official banner
Bohemian Reggae Party official banner

Sure the partygoers had loads of reggae fun!

5 Reasons a Latex Mattress is Good for Elders

Sadly eventually everything in a persons body begins to go as they age. They might go faster or slower but body parts will eventually give in to the years. Thus as you get older comfort and health become more and more important. Latex mattresses are a product for comfort, ease and health. Here are some reasons why.

Photo grabbed
Photo grabbed

It Adjusts to You

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Easy on Delicate Health

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Low Maintenance

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Good for the World Around you

As people get older they seem to think more about the world around them, develop a bit more of a social conscience. At that time you start to consider buying more eco friendly products. A latex mattress contains no harmful chemicals, they are also one hundred percent biodegradable. On top of all of that the natural qualities of the mattress means an absence of harmful chemicals.

Built to Last

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Its nice to know you can sleep well without pain, without expense and without worrying about potential effects on yourself or the environment. Sleep well and peacefully in your later life knowing there’s at least one thing that will do as it should.