Kadtatabanga 2013

Kuerdas Band performed in a concert for a cause dubbed Kadtatabanga 2013.

Photo not mine

It is a dance and musical benefit concert featuring Kuerdas Band, et. al. All proceeds of the said concert shall be donated to the Yolanda victims.

This is a very impressive undertaking by the organizers. Endeavors of this kind is so timely because we need to help out our fellow Filipinos who is in dire need of our support to be able to rebuild their lives.

Kuerdas Band is very happy to have taken part in the concert.

Aim High and Hit the Mark

Do you know of abogados de inmigracion? Kuerdas Band sure needs one if and in case they decide to seek greener pastures out of the country.

Well who knows?

They have raw talent and that they have what it takes to soar higher and move forward. To aspire for something bigger is achievable. Like they say, “Aim High and Hit the Mark.”

I can only wish them all the best.

Bagong Umaga: A Tribute Song for the Yolanda/ Haiyan Victims by Kuerdas feat. Various Musicians of GenSan

Bagong Umaga is one of the most sterling compositions by Jay Son Ugbaniel a.k.a Onyok, the Kuerdas Band major. Driven by deep sympathy and unbearable grief for the Yolanda typhoon victims, Jay Son and Dexter Morimonte, Kuerdas Band’s percussionist, were both inspired to come up with this meaningful masterpiece.

As the Filipinos felt the onslaught of the strongest typhoon that hit the Earth and while the world sympathized with the typhoon-stricken country, Kuerdas Band and the various musicians in Gensan came together to show its support and sympathy to our fellow Filipinos who were grievously affected by the calamity that ravaged the country and its helpless populace.

Dexter created the chord progression. Jay Son on the other hand put together the lyrics and the melody of the song. Both of them arranged the music.

However, they do NOT take all credit for themselves. The making of Bagong Umaga is a collaborative effort of ALL MUSICIANS IN GENSAN who took part and performed in the spirit of solidarity in this time of distress. They endeavor to somehow give comfort and uplift the Filipino spirits through their kind of music. It is an inspirational song that aims to boost the morale of the Filipinos amidst the tragedy that struck the Philippines. The message that is conveyed in every lyrics of the song is hope- that after the fall must come the rise.

The making of Bagong Umaga is not a walk in the park. It is very commendable and truly praiseworthy that despite each musician’s varied schedules, they took the time and the effort to come up with this beautiful masterpiece as a simple dedication to our fellow Filipinos who have lost many lives and properties.

Please take note that the recording was not done professionally; it was done only in a home studio. Nevertheless, as a General myself, I felt proud that they were able to pull it through; not to mention that the composer himself is my very own brother and one of the artists who sang is our youngest brother, Mark a.k.a Utog, Kuerdas Band’s lead vocals :-)

It is moving to know that these musicians were able to collaborate for the love of their fellow Filipinos.

Bagong Umaga would not have been possible if not for the following musicians who actively participated in this joint undertaking:

KUERDAS feat. Various Musicians of GENSAN
Jomic of 3RD EDGE
Jaja and Ondo of CHIMES and RHYTHM
April of MAYANA
Don-Don, Moner and Gifford Sumaylo of RED OCTOBER

Have a listen and watch the video:

Credit to VON ELLIS for the video.

Belated Happy Birthday, Dexter!

October is Dexter’s month. He is Kuerdas Band’s original member and he is the one manning the percussions. Kuerdas Band won’t be Kuerdas without him as he formed part of what the Band was when it started and what the band had accomplished over the years.

As he celebrated his birthday, the band wished him all the best.

May God grant all your heart’s desires and may you have a good one, Dexter!

Quality Sounds System Matters

Kuerdas Band has got a lot of connections when it comes to the provision of good quality lights and sounds. Though they have little knowledge about the technical side of stage performance, it would be good if it is done by someone who has got the complete equipment from the exceptional black lights down to the quality of sounds.

They have to admit they they are on the safe side when they become a little bit picky with the sounds system. Why not? The quality of music depends a whole lot to it.

The Peanut Vendor

My two younger brothers are famed to young peanut vendors in the city who roams around each time they do have gigs. I admire these kids for at their young age, they know what hardwork means. These kids used to sell off their steamed peanuts to Kuerdas fans and dance to the beat of reggae music as well. LOL!

But what do you know? Kuerdas Band Major is also off to selling steamed peanuts! 😉

See it to believe it!

Mani! Mani! Mani!
Mani! Mani! Mani!
Bili na po kayo!!!
Bili na po kayo!!!