Everything At Our Disposal

I asked my brothers to help me out in fixing the lockwashers. They were so busy with their musical stuffs that they did not even gave me a glance.


I had no choice but to search over the internet and I was lucky enough to have bumped into this website that gave all the necessary information that I needed.

Thanks to the advent of modern technology! Everything is at our disposal in just a few click of our fingers!

What Is It For Mark?

Mark is still recuperating from his recent sickness. In his absence, the band was able to ask someone else to take his place temporarily. Just so they would still be able to accommodate scheduled bookings.

Mark was okay with the idea. I bet he couldn’t wait to be well and good and for sure he’s being well taken care of. For now, he’s just within GenSan City so his fans who wanted to give him gifts to get well won’t be spending much for a Kendra Scott necklace. Although they are welcome to do so. 😀 To those who are really close to him could just come by and see how he is and chat with him some more.

I can just imagine Mark’s boredom! 😀

Show Your Colours This Final Series

If you live and breathe AFL, then there’s no better way to support you team then donning your team’s colours and keeping up with your team’s latest news and statistics. So here are some ways you and your mates can show your colours this coming final series.

Wear Supportive Merchandise

Auckland Warriors 1995 Retro Jersey
Photo not mine

The best way to show your colours is to wear them. There is a wide range of AFL merchandise now available online or in authorised retailer stores. Whether you support the Crows, the Lions, the Blues, the Magpies, the Bombers, the Dockers, the Cats, the Suns, the Giants, the Hawks, the Power, the Tigers, the Saints, the Swans, the Eagles, or the Bulldogs, Mick Simmons Sport Store can help you show your colours. With a range of AFL guernseys, hats, hoodies and polos, you can show wear your colours with pride wherever you go.

Download AFL Pulse on Your Smartphone

Australian developers Sportsmate, have designed a devoted app for each AFL club in the national league. The app allows you to keep up to date with the latest news, scores, ladders and stats of you club, as well as giving a history of your club. It includes comprehensive information about your favourite players and continuous stat tracking. The app even has a connection with Twitter, which updates with your player’s latest tweets and allows you to interact with your team and other fellow supporters. The AFL Pulse apps are a great way to support and celebrate your team this season.

Fly the Team Banners

If wearing your colours just isn’t enough, try flying your team’s banners. Each AFL team has a range of flag styles, which come in a range of shapes and sizes. By flying you team’s banners outside your house you can show your colours to the neighbours. Better still, you can fly your team’s banner on a flag attached to your car. That way you can show your AFL colours wherever you go.

Wear Face Paint

For more dedicated fanatics, face paint is the way to go. Whether you are attending a game, or watching a game at home with some fellow supporters, face paint is a great way to further celebrate and support your team’s colours. All AFL teams have 2 or 3 set face paint colours that are available in face paint palettes or sticks. Get some paint, get creative and show your AFL spirit.

No matter who you support, if you are passionate about your AFL team you should showcase your AFL colours. Wear the merchandise, wear the face paint, fly the banners, download the app, and show you true colours this AFL final series.

By Grace Patterson