Hoping Kuerdas Band Will Make It Big

When I am at a loss when it comes to music especially gadgets, I only ask my younger brothers who are into a band. Just like when I asked them about squier classic vibe telecaster thinline, they have got all the answers right there and then.

That was not a surprise at all. They have always been passionate about music and it became their bread and butter for a decade now.

I wish they would be given an opportunity to make it big in the national scene though and be recognized for their God-given gifts.

The Big Influence For My Love Of Music

The Kuerdas band major, Jay Son, was the one who inspired me to play the guitar.

Onyok and his guitar

I remember back in my freshman years in college, whenever he comes to visit us in our boarding house which actually became our place for hang out, he brings with him a guitar. A lot of our cousins live in the same compound including myself and my older brother. We would sing songs together and have fun mostly after dinner. And in between those singing and chatting sessions, he would patiently teach me the basics of playing the guitar. He doesn’t own a guitar at that time. It was just a simple guitar which, as far as I can remember, was borrowed from a good friend of his. Well, we were only students back then. Our parents couldn’t afford to buy us everything that we desire. :)

I realized this is the only picture of us together. You will have to look for Jay Son though!!! LOL!!!

Anyway, whenever I was able to learn to play a song with the guitar, he’d always compliment me and tell me I’m a “fast learner”. I was all the more motivated to learn to play and sing together with them during our hang out sessions at the boarding house.

He pretty much taught me the basics of music and that I should sing from the heart. He was actually my music instructor, my mentor. In fact, he was my biggest influence for my LOVE of MUSIC!

I miss you, Kuya Jay Son!!!

The Man On the Percussions

Dexter Morimonte is one of the pioneers of Kuerdas Band. He’s everybody’s bestfriend. Him and my cousins Jayson and Mark grew up in the same neighborhood. Although we’re not blood-related, Dexter is like family to us. 😀

He’s fun to be with. He’s got a very jolly personality. Whenever he cracks up jokes, you may want to laugh so hard. LOL! I miss hanging out with this guy! And just to add, he actually was my ex-boyfriend! haha! There, I said it. But he’s got a family now and happy with his girlfriend. I’m not really sure if they’d married already. They are blessed with a cute daughter.

Kuerdas’ music will never be complete without the ever-reliable Dexter on the percussions. He plays by heart that’s why his beatings on the percussions: bongos, djembe, tom-tom and his cymbals are never off-beat. He’s good in doing second-voices as well to back up the main vocalist. He’s versatile, you know. He plays all the other instruments but up on-stage with Kuerdas, he’s always gonna be the man on the percussions.


Taylor Swift Wannabe

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If I become a parent in the future, I would most likely expose them to different types of musical instruments. Well, it could be in a few years time. Who knows? 😉

Kuerdas Regular Gigs

Watch out for Kuerdas Band on their weekly regular gigs at the following entertainment hubs:

Bodega RestoBar- Thursdays
Tropics- Fridays
Pahayahay- Fridays

See you all guys!

Note: I am not too sure if the schedule had changed. I will modify as soon as I have confirmed fron the Band Major the changes.