For A Multitasker Like My Mom

My Mom wishes for a kudc10fxss.

Oh! I know that it is not a common thing here in the Philippines but for a busy Mom like her, it is essential to get some kitchen aid like a dishwasher to accomplish a lot of things. Multitasking is something that mothers have learned to hone over the years of homemaking.

It is gonna come handy for my Mom coz she goes to work and dishwashing is one of the tasks she hates doing after a hard day’s work.

Hopefully she get to own one soon.

House Loaded With Musical Stuff

Being into a band means equipping yourself not only with God’s gift of singing and musicality but being fully equipped as well with the musical instruments such as m-audio fast track pro.

Truth be told, our house is fully packed with different kinds of musical materials, big or small. I guess it is a common thing when you have two brothers working for the music industry.

Himig Ng Pag-Ibig by Kuerdas Band

Himig ng Pag-Ibig is originally sung and performed by Asin. Kuerdas Band included this song in their playlist. Of course, it is in the danceable beat with their repertoire, reggae.

Here it is!

It Has Served Its Purpose

We do not own as of yet tv brackets at home coz we still have to purchase a TV that is very space saving where you can just simply hang it on the wall.

Which reminds me, our TV had been serving us for close to 7 years now. I didn’t realize it has been that long. I bought a slim TV last year but it’s just for my small room. It was a good buy though coz it has served its purpose well and good.

Who Knows

Not one in the family is gifted with the dancing skills but we are hoping that our little darling Morning Dew would later learn his way through dancing so that we can purchase some dance gifts here in this online site especially just for him.

Our family is very supportive with whatever he chooses to do in the future. He may turn out to be a performer too, just like his Dad and Uncle. Who knows, right?

Kuerdas Band Live at Veranza Mall’s Opening

Another mall has opened big time in Gensan. After the biggest mall in Mindanao, SM City Mall of Gensan opened for business last year, it’s Veranza Mall this time that’s taking the center stage. Dubbed as the Green Mall for its transparent roofing allowing natural light inside the mall itself thus saving ample electricity usages and costs. This is the first of its kind in the entire Mindanao.

In line for its Grand Opening slated last June 29, Kuerdas Band was invited to perform back to back with Juris. It was indeed an honor for the Band to be performing before the Generals.

Kuerdas Live on Stage for Veranza Mall's Opening
Kuerdas Live on Stage for Veranza Mall’s Opening (Photo grabbed at FB)

Sporty Kuerdas Lead Vocals

When I read or hear about knee walkers, the only person that comes to mind is my younger brother who is the lead vocals of Kuerdas Band. He is a person that is not afraid of trying out new things and he is a person that loves adventure.

He wants to try a lot of things. He is like a man possessed. LOL!

Anyhow, he is so into sports too so I support him in that.