Quality Amps for Quality Music

One of the close friends of my brothers was feeling jubilant and overjoyed when he shared the news that he has acquired his very own 65 amps. Being the passionate musicians that they are, my brothers understood how it meant to have your own amps, 65 amps at that.

When you sing live on stage, it is a must to have a pretty good musical instruments and quality sound system is the key for coming up with quality music.

Night of Fun at Bodega Restobar with Kuerdas Band

It has been a really long time since I have watched my brothers perform live on stage. It’s liberating to go out and have fun sometimes especially when you go out along with the people you love.

We chose to watch them at their regular gig at Bodega Restobar on a Wednesday night.





It was one night loaded with fun with the Kuerdas Band singing those danceable reggae beats.