Unique Ways to Show Your Family Photos

The usual old family portrait on the wall is great but finding new innovative ways of showing off our family is a great way of putting our creative mind to a worthy cause. Luckily other people have already come up with heaps of cool ways of showing off the family photos that are easy, cheap and look awesome! Here are 5 cool ideas for showing off your family photos.


Making magnets of your photos is an awesome way of showing your lovely family photo off with a difference. Vistaprint magnets are easy to create simply by choosing your favourite family photo and sending it off to be made up for you. Because they are great value you can get heaps made and give one to each family member as a memory of the gang. If you have family members who live overseas, or in a different state then they will love to receive the surprise of an updated version of their favourite family, to keep on their fridge!

Tote Bag

What Mum doesn’t need a tote bag for those quick shopping expeditions to get a few groceries before the family comes over for dinner. Why not give your mum a gift with a difference by getting her favourite family photo printed onto it. It will become her favourite accessory so she can see her lovely family whenever she goes to the shops, library, beach, or wherever she takes her unique tote bag.


So if you are like a lot of us then you will probably have heaps of shoeboxes full of photos in the cupboard that you only get to look at once every ten years or so. Why not get creative and make a collage out of your favourite ones so you have a functional art piece that reminds you of those people you love. A great gift idea that your Mum, Dad, Brother or Sister will love to receive and have on their wall to remember you and all your quirky childhood moments.

Photo Book

Rather than going for the usual photo album idea why not get your favourite photos printed onto an awesome photo book? Not only will it keep your photos safe and you’ll have them forever but it makes a great coffee table book and conversation piece. This is a great idea for travel photos too and makes an awesome gift for anyone. Really easy to get made up online, all you need to do is choose the photos that you want to go into it, and Bobs your uncle.

Themed Photos

If you are tired of doing the same thing every year for your family photos then why not try something different this year and have a theme for the photo. Some families go with all wearing the same colour clothes, or going to a specific place that means a lot to the family, or you could even dress up in theme. Make the latest family portrait one to remember and create memories to last you a lifetime!

For the Love of Music

My brother’s close friend of 10 years just purchased his first ever gretsch bass guitar at Guitar Center. He muttered it is a huge investment for him, for the love of music.

You see, for musicians, their music is their passion and most of them make it their bread and butter. It is hard to cope with the kind of life that they tread but it is something that they love doing.

MM- Loving Arms- Olivia Newton John

I have been singing and humming this song over and over for the past two weeks. I had a hard time remembering the title but I know by heart every lyrics of the song. I find this song very romantic and soothing. I have heard so many versions of this song done by brilliant artists but I love the version done by Olivia Newton John. Newton is an English born Australian singer who is famous for so many other lovesongs like Hopelessly Devoted To You, I Honestly Love You, among others. I couldn’t find a video done by Newton. The embed video is performed by Dixie Chicks. 

Lyrics | Dixie Chicks lyricsLoving Arms lyrics

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Pulling Each Other Up

Kuerdas Band does not play bows but they have got a lot of friends who knows how to play it. Being a musicians in their own right, it is normal for them to get acquainted with a lot of talented musicians. They get to know from each other and sharing of each other’s experiences can be very helpful for each other’s growth in their own field. They pull each other up and do not pull each other down. If you know what I mean :-)