We’re Not Rich

Our family does not own a 4-wheel drive vehicle. We are lucky though that in our place, transportation is not a problem. It is very easy to get BendPak lift if ever we need one.

There are also a lot of peddlers in our subdivision. You pay only a few bucks are you’ll reach your destination in no time. Doesn’t it sound so good?

Unlike in most progressive countries, owning a car in the Philippines is not a necessity. Only the well- off families can even afford to buy one. Our family is not rich but whenever we have extra money as savings, we will definitely get one.

The Singing Brothers

As I’ve promised, I will write more about Kuerdas as a group. But first, I will have to introduce to you two of the band members who are my younger brothers.

Not too many of the people who had seen them perform on stage were aware that the two lead vocals and the rhythm guitarist have the same kind of blood running into their veins.

And why not? They are far too different from each other as coffee is to milk.

You want proof?

Ok. I will have to show you but first you have to remember their names.

The big brother is Jay Son. Friends call him Jick-Jick and Onyok but I’ve always called him Negro ever since we were in diapers, haha!

But hey! It’s not his fault God gave him that skin color, hehe.

The youngest brother of all is Mark John. You can call him Yayan, Mark, but he is famously called by friends as Utog. Don’t ask me why! LOL!

I know. I know. You must be laughing by now. It’s an alias tagged to him by friends to mock him about something, hahaha!

I will soon write a separate post for each of them so that you will know them better individually. Just take note of their names for now and make sure you can identify them when you see their faces, wink!

Utog: The Kuerdas’ lead vocals
The singing brothers

Way To Go, Girlfriend!

A have a girl pal who used to ask “where is the best yoga mats here?” whenever she enters the yoga training premises. She is a real huge yoga enthusiast. She can not let a day pass without her sessions. It has always been a part of her daily routine.

The yoga sessions had made her look so fit and trim. Way to go, girlfriend! πŸ˜‰

Vivian Razul a.k.a Heart for the X-Factor Dubai Edition

Hey guys! How are you all doin’?

I am here to seek for your support. I hope it won’t be so much to ask to vote for a homegrown talent of General Santos. This is gonna be for the People’s Choice Award in the prestigious X- Factor Dubai Edition. She’s one of the Finalists who will battle it out on stage on March 29, 2013.

Vivian Razul a.k.a Heart

I have seen her perform live on stage and I assure you she has got what it takes to be a winner. She had performed along with Kuerdas Band on stage and she also used to compose songs collaboratively with the Kuerdas Band major. I shall be featuring some of her raw, live performances here sometime in the future.

For the meantime, we need your votes πŸ˜‰

It’s so easy to cast your vote. Just click on the “LIKE” button on this link at Facebook:


If you’ve got multiple Facebook accounts, so much the better. I shall be looking forward for your show of support, folks. Thanks so much in advance!

Handyman for a Brother

My room in my Momos house badly needs a new door know that is made out of grooved circular knobs. I have this frequent problem of turning the knob and I had to do it hard to be able to close and open the door. I can not even lock it, for heaven’s sake. LOL!

Anyhow, it won’t be long and my younger brother will be able to fix the problem. It’s a good thing that I have a handyman for a brother :-)

Kuerdas Band in Boracay

I was diggin’ into my Toshiba portable hard drive yesterday when I found the old photos of Kuerdas Band when they went to Boracay for a holiday. I posted them up at Facebook and they can’t believe they have been looking at themselves because obviously they are looking differently now as they have been in those photos in 2007.

See it to believe it! πŸ˜‰

Beautiful Boracay
The Island’s famous trademark
Kuerdas lead vocals with our cousin, Allena, Kuerdas Band’s former female lead vocals
The gang by the beach
Former lovebirds. Uyyyy!
My two younger brothers

The band did not only enjoy the island but its entertainment shows as well. They got very lucky when Brownman Revival had its show. As you very well know, most of the Kuerdas Band’s playlists are songs of the former.

My younger brother with the Brownman Revival’s lead vocals
My two younger siblings

I can tell just by looking at the photos that Kuerdas Band indeed had a wonderful time during this island escapade. And why not? They would usually go out of town only for bookings and gigs; it would mean hardwork for them but this island getaway was only to have fun along with some of their friends. Simply wonderful! πŸ˜‰

Thank You, Bro!

Ok. So I have had my new desktop and laptop. However, I had to purchase another monitor with multiple monitor stands. My old monitor simply gave up on me when I was about to return home from my trip to Malaysia. Talk about bad timing.

I had to summon my brother to canvass for an affordable yet good monitor so that when I reach home, I won’t have to wait for much longer to be able to get online once more. I have to thank him for immediately doing as what he was instructed to do.

Sakit Akong Buot

I came across this homemade raw video as shown below. It is performed by one of Kuerdas Band’s female lead vocals while percussion was done by my youngest brother. It was recorded on video only to recall the melody and rhythm of the song which was originally composed by the lovely lady in the video, Heartgel. She collaborated with the Kuerdas Band Major, my other brother, for the song’s melody and reggae beat.

The song was written in Cebuano, a local dialect in the southern part of the Philippines. So pardon me if I can’t help but post it up here. The song depicts the emotions of a person who’s feeling down and heartbroken because her physical appearance; face, flat nose, big round eyes, mouth, chin, bulging tummy, big head; is mocked by those people she loves- from her grandparents down to their househelp. It’s actually an upbeat song that intends to put humor to a bad situation.

Here it goes:

Job on the Side

The Kuerdas Band major is having a job on the side that is doing Brochure Printing Services. I believe the company is a little busy now with the Automated Election that is fast approaching. Those candidates running for a certain post would always hire their services for campaign materials to be printed out. That is a clever way to make themselves known to the voting public.

I hope my brother will be able to manage his time very well especially when they get a lot of bookings for the band. Goodluck to him!

Kuerdas Band, Surviving the Test of Time

When I see my brothers performing their heart out on stage, I can’t help but be proud myself that two of them are considered to be the core group of Kuerdas band, along with Dexter a.k.a Boknoy, who has been their childhood friend.

My two brothers with the microphones and guitar

Surviving the test of time for a band is no mean feat. I believe it is rare for a band to be performing with clear messages that they want to convey to their audience. I believe most of the Kuerdas Band’s followings appreciate their kind of music and their rare kind of talent.

Kuerdas Band has always been strong advocates of love and respect. It can be very evident in all their songs. That makes me real proud of them.

The faces of Kuerdas Band today

Music is something that they have always been passionate about. But the kind of message incorporated in each song performed is something different. It gives more depth and meaning to each and every person on stage especially on the songs that the Kuerdas vocals sings out to give entertainment to a huge portion of the crowd.

My youngest brother, Kuerdas Band’s lead vocals

Kuerdas Band has been in existence for ten (10) long years now and they still continue to thrive.

The good old days with the original Kuerdas Band members

Some members have come and gone. But still, the Band continues to hang on even when it has faced a lot of issues concerning them as a group. It is not easy to hold a group of people together with various personalities. Sometimes they jive, most times they don’t. But since Kuerdas aims of propagating love and respect since day one, they have lived to immortalize it not only in their songs but in real life as well being part and parcel of the band called KUERDAS.