Way To Go, Kuerdas Band!

When my brothers go out of town for some gigs, there are some instances where they would opt for car rentals

Why not? It is a lot of inconvenience if they travel with their motorbikes and bringing along with them their respective musical instruments.

Knowing the band themselves specifically my two younger brothers, they love adventure. So it is no problem for them to take any means of transportation as long as they arrive safely and punctually at the venue of their gigs.

I notice that they are having so much fun and adventure going to different places. They get to exercise their passion for their music and earn a living at the same time. Time continuously evolved and Kuerdas had evolved as well over the years.

Kuerdas music had been attached to the ragga genre. In Gensan, when you say reggae, it has got to be Kuerdas Band. They have got that name. They initially made it a trend. And with the sprouting of reggae bands, Kuerdas musicality had even been profound.

I can not help but be proud of my two younger brothers who had been considered the pillars of Kuerdas Band. They love what they do and their musicality is everything to them.

Who would have thought that the fragile, little man that is the Kuerdas vocals will have the capacity to draw an large audience to dance to their feet? Who would have thought that the once younger brother that I call “Negro” is capable of booking gigs for the band thereby making it their bread and butter?

Way to go, Kuerdas Band!

I Feel Like A Neophyte

I haven’t been blogging much of late. I need some inspiration to boost my moral and make my blogging come back worth the while.

Well, just logging into my dashboard feels a bit different now. And so is finding analytic tools from InetSoft. I have no idea about softwares these days. I need to know again my way around here. I feel like a neophyte in everything. Wheeew!

Kuerdas Band at Bodega Resto Bar for Valentines Day

Watch out for Kuerdas Band at the Bodega Resto Bar to serenade you of your fave lovesongs with that reggae beat. Come along with your sweethearts and celebrate the Valentines Day with Kuerdas Band.

See you all!

Candle Collection

Who does not love candles? I find it romantic especially when you are having dinner with your special someone. It is actually one form of hobby for most where they collect various types of scented candles. a lot are also so much into archipelago candles. It is one hobby that I would still learn to love :-)

Kuerdas Band at the Couzin’s Bar Grand Opening

Watch out for the grand opening of Couzin’s Bar lon February 8, 2013 located beside DMT gas station, National Highway, Calumpang, General Santos City. Kuerdas Band shall be playing along with Chimes & Rhythm.

See you all folks!

Chain Smokers No More

My brothers are no longer puffing out any cigars. However, with the nature of their job, they have been rather exposed to people that are chain smokers. There are also those that chooses the brand Cohiba.

I have a few female pals too that smokes when they feel too stressed. That is their way of relieving themselves of any burden.

Happy Birthday, Bob Marley!

Hail to the Legend and Father of reggae, Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley as he celebrates his birthday on the 6th of February.

He is forever gone but his legacy will forever live on!