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Music Placements
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Accept No Less than Full Service Representation
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Work with a Company that Makes Full Use of Social Media
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Brand Yourself in the Music Industry
Needless to say, there are a variety of ways you can make your presence known in the music industry or recording field. However, if you want to make a living with the music or beats you produce, you’ll need to rely on an online music broker or agency.

Air Purifiers for Dusty Gensan

It is a known fact that Gensan is so humid and that it is dusty. For an asthmatic like me, it triggers a lot of attacks. Thank God hepa air filtration systems were invented.

It comes in handy and makes comfortable living so smooth and easy. When it comes to my asthma attacks, it became less and less with the invention of this technology.

Floor Director for INC’s Exaltations Through Voices and Music

The expertise of the Band Major was once again tapped not as a composer this time around but as a Floor Director of the Church in the Iglesia ni Cristo’s EVM (Exaltations Through Voices and Music) Season 3. He had been part of the previous seasons and the Church Administration had always believed in his capability in directing the event’s proceedings.

Have a glimpse of the event by viewing the video below:

I feel proud that he shares his God-given gifts not only to entertain music lovers but to glorify our Lord God as well.

A Fan of Watches

I am a huge fan of watches. I do not own quite a lot of signature watches though. Owning michael kors watches would still be a dream come true for me.

For the moment, I content myself in purchasing watches at an auction sale. I tell you, they are all steal deals. I get to wear expensive watches but paid cheaply for them. Isn’t that cool and clever of me? 😉

Pasko Sa Gensan (O Anong Saya): Pasko Sa Gensan 2012 Official Jingle

It was the same time of the year in 2011 when Kuerdas Band Major was commissioned by the Local Government of General Santos through the Department of Education to compose a song in time for the anime- inspired Pasko sa Gensan 2011 Celebration.

Do click away the link below to have a listen to the 2011 Christmas Jingle:

Kampeon Ang Pasko Sa GenSan

For this year, the DepEd tapped once more his expertise in coming up with a Christmas Jingle in line with the theme “Pasko sa Gensan: Kalingawan, Kasadya, Hudyaka” . It’s gonna be a carnival- like celebration, a Pasko sa Gensan festivity like no other.

There was roughly very little time for my brother to prepare for the lyrics of the song as well as put chords to an existing melody. Since it’s gonna be a festive and grandiose celebration, the Kuerdas composer created a reggae structure to the melody to give it some danceable beat. It’s actually the Kuerdas’ expertise being it their genre.

They only did the recording here in Gensan as there was no more time to do it any other way.

The Making of the Pasko Sa Gensan 2012 Jingle is shown in the video below:

The video only depicts that Gensan is indeed a well spring of homegrown talents. I hope to see these young, fresh, and talented Generals soar to greater heights in no time.

I am not only proud to be called a true-blooded General. I am prouder because two of my brothers were part of this epic songs- the Kuerdas composer/ rhythm guitarist and the male lead singer.

Way to go, Kuerdas Band!

The Sound Of Discord

My brothers and their band boy members had a loud argument during their last jamming session. One of them was trying in vain to reproduce a piece that they heard played by a competitor band at the recent Regional Band Competition.

They rarely have arguments like that. So, I decided to get involved to cool them down.

I found out they would have done themselves a lot of help if they only had craviotto at guitar center. Well, if only they had known!

Kuerdas Band at A Montana Resort

In celebration of the Munato Festival at Alabel, Sarangani Province, Kuerdas Band shall be playing at A Montana Resort formerly known as Isla Parilla on December 8, 2012.

A Montana Resort

See you there!

A Blessing In Times Of Despondency

The job market situation continues to look bleak and daunting all over the World. Sovereign bankruptcy and Banks tightening their grip on approving credit adds to the woes of the Economy and livelihood of millions.

When faced with such grim reality, it only makes sound decision to hold on to whatever job one has and to be frugal with expenditures.

Now and then, there appears a blessing amidst the gloom and doom.

As with everyone who is sadly affected by unemployment, such a blessing is what hope sorely is in need.

Kuerdas Band at the Blues Festival

Kuerdas Band will take part in the Gensan International Blues Festival. This is the collaboration of all musicians in General Santos City.

Their first gig for the Festival will be on December 6, 2012, Thursday at No. 1 Bar, Osmeña Street, General Santos City.

Be there!